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Friday Confessional


It is confession day – the day when we get it off our chest, minds, hearts etc, all that stuff dangling on us from the week.

I confess…

I am not feeling well.  That whole denial thing, not accepting that I was getting sick?  Well it doesn’t work.  I’m home today, feeling like 10 pounds of manure in a 5 pound bag.  My poor honey, must have thought he was sleeping next to the swamp monster all night, when I actually was asleep.  Most of the night I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t breathe, or the snot factory that was in over achievement mode, had it’s product running out of my nose so I kept waking up to catch the goo.  Happy mental images, hope you weren’t eating and reading this.

I confess…

I am highly annoyed with our cable provider.  I was trying to get caught up last night on Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, and it kept stopping.  I was viewing it from On Demand (Time Warner Cable you suck), so I am still only half way through it.  I think DVR is the way to go now, to heck with the on demand features.

I confess…

I am more than a tad frustrated to be home sick in bed with my laptop, I like my job, and I have so much to do.  This just sucks.

I confess…

I just realized how un-ladylike I am when sick.  Burp, blowing my nose like a tugboat horn…nothing danty about me!

I confess…

I am growing a bit confused about things on The Walking Dead.  Even those decaying like the zombies are, sooner or later would die of starvation…wouldn’t they? I mean rather than continuing to walk around, wouldn’t they eventually start dropping like flies?  Probably over thinking that.

I confess…

I think I hear my pillows calling again. Time to sleep a bit more.  Ya’ll have a marvelous day!


3 thoughts on “Friday Confessional

  1. That’s how I felt earlier in the week. because hubby had to work, I took my infected self to the spare bedroom. I noticed he didn’t try to stop me. LOL
    As for Walking Dead, I also PVR it too (record). The episode was a good one – just wait until you get to the end. As for the Walkers, I think the idea is that they just “die” much slower. It takes them a long time to starve because…well, they are already dead. But I do think you are right – eventually they would just waste away.
    I keep wondering why everyone doesn’t just move on up here to Canada in the winter. Surely the walkers would freeze if they were outside. right?

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