Friday Confessional

AH Friday, how I love this day!  Last day of the work week, quitting time marks the beginning of a few days of chilling out.  It also means it is time to go into the confessional and get some things out there so let’s roll this.

I confess…

Friday couldn’t have gotten here fast enough!  This week flew past, but it has been so hectic that I swear it couldn’t arrive quickly enough to make me happy!

I confess…

I think Sheldon from Big Bang Theory might be a distant relation.  While not super OCD about most things I DO have a some areas that simply have to be a certain way.  Meanwhile I LOVE that show.

I confess…

My book (okay it’s several) is coming along, slow and steady.  I love writing, it is one form of therapy for me.  Just wish I had more time to sit on the couch of said therapist!

I confess…

I am so excited about a current direct sales company, that I’m actually doing a review and interview with the founder. That is coming soon!

I confess…

1384380_10201425286286702_791300864_nI am SO proud of my daughter.  Before I say more, let me stress she ADORES animals.  As a vet tech/ICU nurse for critters she stands on her head to keep them alive and getting better.  That said, she decided she wanted to learn to hunt.  She likes venison because it is a healthier meat.  It also bothers her to see how slaughter houses torture animals with their process of killing.

Now, if you are one of those who does not understand the need for deer hunting, stop here.  I believe in hunting if the animal being hunted is used for food.  I’ll take time out now to thank my son for some amazing venison last year.  Okay back to the confession.  She went bow hunting the other night and got her first deer.  It gets no more organic than hunting wild game, as she said.  No antibiotics, no growth hormones, just a wild animal that will be used to feed her family for the coming months.  Hopefully she remembers her mama’s freezer has room so I can use some to make my black bean chili.  But just look at the smile on her face!!  She took her shot and got it.  And she made sure it was a quick death.  She even did her own gutting etc, as she wants to be a true hunter.  Her older brother has 2 so far this deer season.  I see a lot of venison dishes in their future.




  1. Bazinga!!! Haha – I’m in no way OCD, but I love the Sheldon character and that show.
    And my dad is at the hunt camp this weekend and I am hoping him, my brother or one my cousins or uncles gets a few deer! They make these amazing venison sausages and jerky too. so good – and healthier for sure. I grew up country – hunting is not a sport for us: we fill our freezers and my grandpa always made sure to fill the widow’s freezer down the road too. Congrats to your daughter – I remember my first one too, although since I was barely a teenager I didn’t gut it. And am probably too squeamish now to do that.
    I cook the meat now – that’s my part. LOL

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