Friday Confessional

Welcome again to Friday Confessional, hosted by the adorable Aubrey from HIGH-HEELED LOVE.  A day when we can all come together and confess whatever is on our minds, what we did this week (good and bad), and then link up and read what other’s are airing out this fabulous Friday.

I confess…

It has been a roller coaster week!  Boss landed in hospital, chaos that I managed to make look semi-organized was the work week, and I have never been so glad for a reason to work from home!  Everyone, with the exception of me, was off today so the office is:  my chair at the dinning room table.  Dinner is in the crock-pot and I took until 11:30 to put my butt in the shower.

I confess…

It is bittersweet that football pre-season games are on this week.  I love watching football, and cannot wait to start wearing my favorite, Sunday attire again – my Bengals jersey.  But with football comes chilly weather and then winter.  I hate winter, hate snow, hate bare trees.  Just not ready for that part.

I confess…

I neglected my blog this week.  In fact the last post was last Friday’s confessions.  I was mentally drained when I got home each night and after dinner with the King of the castle, I usually read a book.

I confess…

The book?  Well, after seeing some of the Harry Potter movies recently, I decided to read the series again.  I hadn’t read them since the last one was released and my sister stood in line to get a copy at like midnight.  I discovered the series is available for my Kindle so I bought the first one and dove right in.  I need to purchase the 2nd one now.  I love this series and I’m finding all sorts of things I either forgot about or didn’t catch before.

I confess…

I have SO much to do with my direct sales businesses that I just don’t know where to start.  I have several boxes of things that I need to go through and either toss in the trash, or put away.  Just not feeling like it but I NEED too.

I confess…

I am itching for a new tattoo.

What about you? What do you need to confess this week?


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  1. I hope things calm down next week at work. The Harry Potter books should be read at least once a year. I am about due for a re-reading myself.

    Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party. Have a fabulous weekend.

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