Friday Confessional On Saturday

AHH Friday.  Except it is Saturday.  But I have to confess and I didn’t have time yesterday!

You too can still link up, Aubrey loves to ‘hear’ confessions, she won’t mind a late linker upper!

I confess…

While I swear I am NOT whining about the weather, as hot is far better than cold, it IS taking it’s toll on me to drive 28 miles one way on the highway without A/C in my car.  Yes I drink plenty of water when I am working but still the heat was too much as we were under extreme heat warnings all week.  😦

I confess…

It was likely being dehydrated that caused the fairly strong migraine I woke up with Friday, which kept me home in bed until almost noon.  I am thankful for my 31 Oil that I used on my neck and temples, then put on a tissue to lay by my face on the pillow to inhale the healing aroma.  I am so sold on aromatherapy I cannot get enough.  OH and yes that kicked the headache for the most part.  Some residual ache when I woke but nothing like I usually have and I didn’t have to take medications!  WOOHOO!

I confess…

I have tried my 5th Pinterest recipe for dinner and OMG it was SO good.  Hawaiian chicken in the crock pot.  Yes I will provide the link:  –> HERE <– you will love this it is SO simple and SO yummy.

I confess…

After making 5 different recipes from Pinterest, and cooking some of my own ideas, I am beginning LIKE cooking! *gasp*  I know, I know…who would have guessed that I had a domestic goddess gene after all?  Guess she hides behind the lounger of my inner Diva.  She has been surprising me a lot of late.

I confess…

I kept it under wraps from the kids to test it out, but I burned Orange Essential Oil in my burner all day yesterday.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Knight’s kids, but any parent knows that an 11yo boy and 8yo girl are going to bicker.  It is much easier for me to play ‘parent’ at 50, now that I have been “mom” to a step daughter, 2 kids of my own, and 4 foster kids.  Age is a big factor too.  The Marvelous one has her limits though, and on the back side of a migraine is not a good time for me to be referee for kiddie squabbles.  But the oil did exactly as claimed, kept harmony in the household.  No bickering at all, they were angels ALL day.  I was shocked and amazed.  I can tell today that I’m not using Orange, as the bickering was back.  NOTE TO SELF: Orange Oil + kids = peace and harmony!

I confess…

I decided in the interest of keeping the peace and encouraging reading, which I think is vital, I would create the reading rule.  Every day the kids are here, they must read for 30 minutes.  It promotes quiet, but also gets them in a book and reading.  They did it and liked it!!! Imagine that.

I confess…

I’ve been sneaking healthy foods into everyone.  “Can I have a snack?”   Right after correcting that to “MAY” I have a snack, “Why certainly, a banana or apple, grapes or melon, have at it!”  My sister-in-law, who is my inspiration,  created a snack fridge out of a dorm size one she found.  Anything in there is permitted to be eaten at snack time when someone is hungry.  Everything in the fridge is healthy.  Veggies, fruits, string cheese, yogurt, and  other assorted good-for-you munchies.  I loved the concept so I am hunting down a similar fridge, or will give up one drawer in the kitchen refrigerator to make a healthy assortment of “yes you may” snacks.  This way there is no more “what can I have”. They know the answer to that question already.

I confess…

I am going to post a “shoe lust” post too. LOVE some of the ones I stumbled on this week.



  1. I think the Mister and I need some orange oil burning in our house most weekends. Thanks for the tip. I’ll be re-pinning your aromatherapy pins shortly.

    Glad that headache when away. I feel your pain on the A/C thing….my car all through college didn’t have working A/C. I don’t know how I got by.

    Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party. I never mind a late “linker-upper.” =) Hope you’re having a fabulous week!

  2. Orange, oil, huh?!?!? I really need some ASAP! I have a bad Pinterest problem. The recipe you’ve shared sounds amazing! 😀
    Sorry about your migraines. UGH! They are the worst! Happy that the aromatherapy is working!


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