Friday Confessional

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*Yawwwwwn and streeetch.  Friday…oh yes, FRIDAY – confessional day.  Guess I best get myself together and get things out in the open*

I confess… 

This has been a long week, and I wasn’t even certain when I woke up that it was, in fact, Friday.  Work has been super busy, though I am not complaining.  I like feeling like I am earning my paycheck.  It also makes time go by faster when I am here so I can go home to relax feeling accomplished.

I confess… 

I could probably stand to go to bed a bit earlier at night, but darn it there were so many good, new episodes, of my favorite shows this week that I am just exhausted from lack of adequate rest.  I hope to fix that over the weekend at some point.

I confess…

I am frustrated!!!  I need to sign up 14 new reps over the next 5 weeks in order to continue to get lead shares from Avon.  I keep talking to people but just not having much luck.  If you know of someone looking to make extra money, send them to me!  Seriously, only $10 and that is their kit, website, all the training…well everything they need.  They can even sign up online and doesn’t matter where they live they would still be under me and count.  20-50% commissions and NO parties to do.  In fact just send them to START AVON and tell them to use the code:  martigardner  to get signed up online.  You cannot beat a $10 investment.

I confess… 

I am writing this blog post while stuffing lunch in my face at the office.  I meant to write it last night and schedule it to publish, but then ‘Scandal’ came on and well that had my attention.   I’m munching a Summer Salad from Frisch’s, it is awesome!!!

I confess… 

I am relishing the quiet this afternoon in the office.  Everyone is out and about and it is me, here alone, in peaceful silence.  No doubt that spell will be broken soon, but for now it is amazing.

I confess… 

As if on cue, the boss sent a text…well several.  Lunch is over, time to get back to work, so much to do!


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  1. It is nice to have a few minutes of calm in the office. This last week has been pretty crazy here as well.

    We are so behind on our television shows; except for Grey’s and Scandal. I refuse to fall behind on those.

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