Friday Confessional

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*Rolling out of bed, sporting that award-winning bed head hair I’m famous for, I get in the car and head to my stylist for a quick change up before a shower, coffee and then skipping on over to the confessional*

I confess… 

That is pretty much how my morning started.  I slapped on a sweat shirt and jeans, then a ball cap and headed up to get my hair cut off.  It is that time of year when less is a good thing when it comes to my hair.  I needed a bit of a change.  So I had Phyllis chop it off.  I sprayed some pink in it for today too.

I confess… 

I am exhausted.  This week me, my mom and my sister have been staying up WAY too late.  I got them hooked on Downton Abbey because I knew if they watched an episode they would get sucked in like me.  We started at the beginning and now have 4 episodes left in season 3. We’ll be ready for season 4 when it starts though I think that is a ways off yet.

I confess… 

I just had my day made!  One of our customers who had a house fire called because she was walking through her nearly completed home and it brought her to tears.  She said she never imagined it would ever look so beautiful, having only the image of the burned ruins in her brain. She said she never thought it would look good again and that we exceeded her expectations and she also remarked how awesome our construction crews were to her and how kind everyone has been.  She had me in tears! It is a very stressful job at times, but when I get to hear from someone who had their life turned on end by a fire, who is so thankful and appreciative, well it really makes my job worth every difficult moment.

I confess…

I never thought I would say this but my nails are TOO long.  I’ve gone past what my youngest brother referred to as “street walker length”, and they must get trimmed back.  Thankfully it is getting done this afternoon.  These gel nails are great, never lift and very durable even at this ridiculous length.  Maybe today I will do something fancy like sparkles or pink tips?

Okay your turn, what do YOU need to confess?  Click the little girl above and come share!

My shorter hair
My shorter hair


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair! you look awesome. the pink is so cool.

    I confess that I have slept in the past 2 days since my hubby finally returned home from his trip. And have already been into the wine today since my mother in law just came for a lunch visit.
    now I want a nap. 🙂

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