Friday Confessional

Ah yes, once again time to go behind the curtain, into the confessional and reveal the things others may not know, or perhaps after I bare it all they’ll wish they did not!

Okay let’s get this rolling!

I  confess… 
I’m now hooked on yet another show.  Nashville got my attention and I’m watching it too.  Oh and American Horror Story, but not sure how long I’ll stick to that one, it is pushing the boundry lines for me as far as creepy goes.  But once I’m finished with bible study in the evenings, and it is too dark and cold to be outside now, I like to watch something while working on blankets.  My list of entertainment is growing for those nights when I want to stay in!

I confess… 
I might go back to school.  I love learning new things and as I have time it would be beneficial to add to what I can do!

I confess… 
I added a stat counter to my blog.  It isn’t visible to the public, but tracks a lot of great information on those who visit my blog.  I love it.

I  confess… 
I have been working on a few posts of late just not sure I will publish them.  Might have to make those password protected so my select audience can see them.


Your journey can only be as great as the chances you are willing to take. ~ The Single Woman

I confess… 
That quote really rings true for me.  My journey is about to grow, as there are many chances I am getting ready to take.  🙂  More on that at another time.


NOTE:  revision made, a section removed, per IP addresses in reports I believe the intended audience viewed it so no longer needed in this post.