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Life’s Changing Landscape – Shelving 2011

1st day of the last month of 2011! Time to decide what’s going w/ u into 2012..& leave everything else on the shelf! – The Single Woman

That was the quote off a tweet from Amanda Hale, aka – The Single Woman.  I started following her blog and twitter when my marriage ended.  Her blog post from 12/1/2011 talked about how she enjoys the first day of a new month for its fresh start, and how it is time to start removing things from our life that are holding us back, making us less than what we can be.  Time to shelve those things and head into 2012 with a clean slate, 2012 being a new chapter in life and time to remove the pages of our story that just are not working for us.

It’s funny, mom says it a lot lately, how much our life landscape changes in just a year.  This time last year I had changed jobs from office manager of the paint company to managing the office of the heating and air company.  Christmas was our first in the Diva Den house, we had just passed the first Thanksgiving here.  We had lost a sister-in-law who turned her back on us after she and my brother parted ways, her bitterness directed at us, but we gained his new love who fit so perfectly into our lives like she had always been here.  I was struggling with a holiday season that no longer was in the house I loved for 18 years, all of my Christmas memories were in ornaments on the ex-husband’s tree, in the marital residence.  My “baby’s first Christmas”  ones, special ones that had been received or purchased, each precious for one reason or another.  I was without those things and starting over as if they had blown away or burned in a fire.  I was unstable emotionally making the adjustment.  I even went out and purchased an ornament for the tree here that was all mine, as I had nothing among the ornaments going on the tree that had been my mom’s and then my mom’s, sister’s and nieces.  We ended up buying all new ones as we were starting over together.

2011 has been a year of growth and change for me.  I went through many firsts as a single woman, allowing ME to come out and shedding those things about myself that I really did not need or want.  I peeled off the layers of things I would think, say or do to please someone else, allowing the real me out again for the first time.  Many baby steps later I find myself walking confidently as just me, the marvelous woman that I am, with no apologies.  It is SO liberating.  I don’t do anything I don’t want too anymore, because the only person I have to impress is the one looking back at me each day in the mirror.

I did that whole 30 days of being thankful last year, and this year just blogged about 30 things I am thankful for and was done.  Now, as we close out the end of 2011, I have decided to think hard about things and determine what it is I am going to leave on the shelf, back  here in this year, and not take it with me into 2012.  This may require  some venting, and sometimes the read may not be to someone’s liking.  Fair warning, IT AIN’T ABOUT YOU! This is about me, unpacking some mental and emotional items that are weighing me down and need to be stuck here in storage.  If you find yourself on the shelf, I obviously had something that needed to be unpacked so I don’t take you or the issue with me into the new year.  Feel free to comment when the time comes,  I don’t censor those except to  keep ads from showing up from spam bots.  Better yet, get your own blog, it is very therapeutic.

So, today we begin the shelving process,  with a new category of blog posts:  Shelving 2011