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I’m trying out a new hop today, Seriously Thursday.  What made YOU say “SERIOUSLY???” this week?

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  • SERIOUSLY??? – our internet is down and I’m pirating off a  neighbor.  I know this is likely illegal or something, but hey, I have blogs to be written and tons of stuff to do online today!
  • SERIOUSLY??? – Okay time to back off on the calorie intake a bit! My jeans are a bit TIGHT and well, the Count loves me as I am but no reason to pork out.
  • SERIOUSLY??? – Worked the The Delhi Skirt Game this past Friday night with the Avon Divas and my honey, the Count.  Would have been nice to know  the ex-husband and his girlfriend were working it too, 2 booths down.  Awkward…..
  • SERIOUSLY??? – Where has this GORGEOUS weather been??  Not complaining but the heat wave was a tad overkill, then last night froze my tail off with the fan in the window.  I LOVED it!
  • SERIOUSLY??? – SO much to do today and only one of me.  Kids aren’t here, so it is a day off to run my butt all over creation.  Seriously need to get moving!

3 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. Seriously?…I kind of like the Delhi Skirt Game One…Sort of fits…poetic justice or maybe full circle or something…not awkward…fun…of course I am just an innocent bystander…

    But my Seriously?…Sick for a Month? I am so over this…I think I’ll link up and make this my first post back…and then the warrior one…Thanks.

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