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The Marvelous, Secret Garden, Part 1 ~ By Romeo

A new reader, who wishes to remain anonymous,  began reading my blog (most every entry I’ve every written, I might add), he penned the following and sent it to me.  I found it so insightful I wanted to share it:

I know that you put up a tough exterior to protect yourself/heart, but do also stick up for yourself, no one’s doormat.  But when it comes down to it, you’re soft as butter, and you should be, just like me.

I imagined your secret garden, the place with the high wall that no one can see in unless you unlock the gate. I know what I can see from the outside. Lush green ivy covers the walls, but the heavy wood gate made of thick timbers and solid wrought iron hinges is nicely trimmed around. I hear water within, I imagine a babbling brook with a bench under a shade tree where on can sit and rest. I hear a multitude of birds chirping, and every now and then a butterfly will stray high enough that the multi-colored wings can be glimsped from out here. I suppose there is also a rolling valley of far green, low rising hill that seem to go on forever as though reflected in two opposing mirrors.

Because you have that tough exterior, your secret garden is that much more beautiful. It grows wild to give it’s love and affection that you hold back, and so dear and close. I wonder where the key is to this gate? I’ll keep searching for that answer……

~ Romeo

I  cannot tell him where the keys to the gate are, as I myself do not have them.  From what I have  learned, there are a few floating around, and those that possess them are unaware it is in their hands until they hear the hinges creaking and they are allowed inside.  One, Mr. Wonderful, treasured  his key, used it  to enter and has sat on the bench under the tree, he knows my secret garden very well.  The other, the Superhero, opened the gate  and stepped just inside my walls but opted to go no further.  I prefer to think it was just too much for him to take in at the time.  Sadly, one man, Prince Charming, if he had a key, never bothered to use it.  His key no longer works in the lock on the gate to the garden.  Seems the magic is only good for a time, so if it is not used periodically, the magic fades and eventually the key is useless.

I look forward to seeing who else possesses a magic key to the gate of my garden.  One day, someone will not only open the  gate and enter, but will find their home in the garden, opting to stay and help tend it and enjoy it’s beauty, and will lock the gate from the inside, rendering all other keys useless.


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