The Long And Winding Road….

My butt is sore…and my legs.  Easy now, minds out of the gutter…it is from riding all day.  I tried to calculate it up and we likely were close to 300 miles before it was said and done.

The scenic route, being back roads and state routes, from my house in Cincinnati to Metamora, Indiana.

We stopped there for a while and walked around town, had coffee at The Smelly Gourmet Coffee Bar there, and sat and watched the trains (I was so in my glory).

Then we rode west for a long while and circled back around and went into Shelbyville.  We found a cute little hole in the wall Mexican place and had dinner.

We passed through Greensburg where the tornado touched down and saw some of the damage from that event while gasing up the bike for the 3rd time today.

Then we headed back home.  It was a fantastic day to ride, and this time no tears.  Just a lot of laughter and talking, sometimes deep and full of thought, sometimes just goofy stuff.

Thanks again, Mr. Wonderful, for another fantastic day of riding, great conversation and your friendship.  You make my world a brighter place!



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