Dear So and So….

Dear So and So...

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Dear Parents & Bus Drivers,

Please, when little Tommy and Sally are boarding or exiting the school bus, it is not social time for you.  Stuff a sock in it and move it already.  The rest of us have places to be, exchange phone numbers and call each other later.  Thanks.


Dear Sunshine,

Nice to see you again! Please don’t stay away so long next time.


Dear Coffee,

You are my greatest love.  You never let me down, disappoint me, break my heart and you are always hot, steamy and ready to please me.  Will you marry me???


Dear Teddy Bear,

Like coffee, you are tops on my list.  You never leave the bed, always there when I need support under that elbow, your feelings for me never change,  you love to cuddle and you are always there when I need you and never mind when I cry, you just soak up the tears and never break my heart.


Dear Mt. Washmore,

OMG WTF???? I just conquered you at the beginning of the week and now you are back, bigger than ever???  I will win this war again, prepare yourself for battle if you dare!



  1. I love these 🙂

    I completely agree with you on the parents/bus drivers. What IS that?! Same with the chatty parents & teachers in the carpool line. Ugh, grates on my last nerve!

    • Yeah, the parking lot nazis are all over me if I don’t follow the rules, but let some gabby chick hold up the line while flirting with the principal and no one says a word!

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