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Saturday Afternoon Post

Okay so my sense of humor is a bit warped, I cannot deny that. But this is funny stuff, ya just gotta admit it!  Some genius is no doubt going to make a mint off this idea.  A wedding ring coffin!  I want one, I think it is a total hoot.  I’d never bury my rings, what a waste of potential cash that I plan to sell them for instead!  But it is highly amusing to me. Maybe cremate the wedding certificate/license and put it in an urn inside the casket too? Sick  I know. Thanks to The Peachy One for sharing it on Twitter today, made my whole afternoon!

Today is just one of those days when I would be completely content to stay in my jammies, sip coffee and read all day.  That is not how it has gone but it certainly sounds marvelous to me!  I instead pulled myself out of bed (thank you Pixel and Ditzy for the rude awakening), made coffee and launched into my day.  I have accomplished next to nothing at all.  I did run an errand with my sister to Hobby Lobby, my all time favorite, put a cot in the backroom and I’ll just live here store.  It was there that I grabbed a journal I spotted, to use for taking notes in church.  “It’s A Wonderful Life” is such a great movie, and a great reminder to take stock in life and the richness in blessings we have.  When I spotted it I knew it was for me, it even matches my bedspread, how is that for a sign that I should have it?

The reality is that my life is indeed very rich and blessed.  I do lose sight of that at times but thankfully have great friends, and the awesome women of the Diva Den, to gently nudge me back in the right direction when I let the stupidity and shallowness of others to infringe on  my happiness.

I just noticed there are 2 cats  sleeping on my bed, the same two that woke me up this morning.   Wondering, is turn about fair play? Should I bug them until they get up? Oh so wickedly tempting.  If only they would understand it was revenge I might.

I have been very pleased with the Friday Featured Friend I started last week.  Both guest posters were fantastic.  If you’d like to be a guest poster let me know by clicking the invite over at the top of my side bar, I’d love to make you are Friday Featured Friend.  It is not necessary to be a blogger, if you just would like to write about something, let me know!


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  1. Hey, just being practical – don’t cremate the marriage certificate – you’ll need that to collect social security someday down the road (if you don’t remarry). Otherwise, that is hysterical!

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