Sunday Morning Bits & Pieces

18 Jul

I think sleeping in seriously has been the greatest blessing this weekend.  It is amazing how much of  a change in perspective I have once I have had a good, solid night of sleep.  Two such slumbers in a row and I’m back in business  with my happy face on.

This weekend has moved along at a leisurely pace, seeming to last forever and that too makes me thankful.  Life in the Princess Palace is fun but so much more enjoyable when there is no  rush on to be going in 5 different directions.  We find our joy in simple things and a lazy afternoons.  We had so much fun yesterday when my daughter came over and  we sat talking in the living room batting a balloon around in the air.  At first it was to entertain the kitten, but then it became a volley balloon game of keeping it from hitting the floor.  It got rather silly and we were all laughing a lot,  which I have found that laughter is indeed great medicine.  I was glad we did  this as it is kind of awkward for me when my daughter comes over.  Life was easier living together as there was no scheduled time we were social, if we both happened to be in the kitchen or crashed  on the couches we talked, laughed and shared.  Now it is a scheduled visit and feels that way, a visitor  in my home that should be entertained.  It feels  very unnatural and that is one of those adjustment things  I’m going through now.  I don’t feel right going off to my room to write or check emails when she is here like I could do when we were under one roof.  Her purpose in being here is to be with me so it changes the dynamics of our relationship completely.

We’ve all been venturing out to the deck,  despite the heat and humidity.  Honestly the 90+ temps are not a big deal, it truly is the sticky air that makes it hard to sit there.  Just the effortless task of occupying a chair will make us sweat bullets out there and that is not pleasant at all.  However the deck is like an extra room in the house and probably everyone’s favorite  gathering place.  It is shaded,  comfy and the woods full of wild life make it  wonderful  but it is much nicer when it is just hot out.  We all wonder  what it will be like come winter when we cannot use our favorite place.  I have a feeling the family room will become the winter  gathering place with a fire burning and crochet  hooks  flying  while we keep warm making things.

My son is due for a visit today  which will be nice.  Haven’t seen him in the past week and  love hearing his stories from work.  He will be here to mostly play World Of Warcraft with my sister and niece which is fine.  He’ll take breaks from the intensity of the game to sit and chat over a beer with me, and hang out for dinner hopefully. Just having him around is a good time no matter what is going on.  Who knows maybe his little sister will wander on back too, as she really enjoys her big brother and also feels  she just doesn’t get to see him enough.

This coming week will be busy as I am hopefully starting a part time job to supplement my current income so I can get things payed down and have more cash flow.  I hate the thought of missing dinner in the Diva Den a few  nights a week but I really get nervous about being able to make my bills and still have a buffer of money  available to feed my indulgences now and then.  Like a new teddy bear.  My teddy bear was bought to give me something to wrap around when ex-oinker was on duty.  It is losing its softness and has a very well loved look about it.  It actually helps with the arthritis in my neck and back by providing support under my arm when I sleep so I need to find a new one.  I haven’t shopped the stuffed animal section of a store in so  long I  don’t even know what is out there.  At one time I had wanted the ex to go with me to Build A Bear and kiss the little heart they stick inside, something for me to keep and treasure if anything happened  to him.  Now…I’d be tossing that bear on the fire  pit come 8/2 so thinking I am glad we didn’t spend the money.  Okay so I’d likely just give it to my daughter but you understand.  And if it weren’t for the physical benefits I’d be getting rid of the current bear yesterday!  Guess I need to go over to Animal Crackers if it is still around and see what I can find.

Well the coffee in my cup has grown cold while I have been busy typing. is 12:38pm..does that mean more coffee or time for a cold, adult beverage since it IS Sunday, and still summer time and I’m feeling really lazy and content today? Decisions, decisions….

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