Envelopes, The ‘B’ Word, & Squatty Potty

I’m feeling very empowered tonight!

Last evening was the 3rd of 9 classes at church of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. It has been a true blessing to me and my mom.  I understood the need for the dreaded ‘B’ word – BUDGET.  I just didn’t quite know how to go about it.  Oh sure, I had a spread sheet, put my expenses on it and bills, pay amount then minus those and damn I am flat broke and no savings.  It wasn’t working, and Peter was getting ticked if I robbed him to pay Paul.  This class is way more than how to budget, and tonight I not only paid my bills, put money in savings, a substantial amount, but I also had ME money.  First out of the gate was my tithe/I’m In campaign at church.  I’ve been doing that since the end of December and somehow, despite the large amount, I am able to pay my bills.  It was a total act of faith when I prayed and the number came to me, yet here I am, by God’s grace, able to do it and still pay everything.  This class is teaching me how to not just pay bills, have savings and an emergency fund, but how to GET OUT OF DEBT. And do it quickly.  I’m beyond excited!!

Part of the way FPU works is using envelopes for things you can pay cash rather than using a credit/debit card.  This means being able to leave my card at home and that eliminates the chance of spending outside of the lines.  So I made an envelope for gas, and one for that ME money, stashed the card in a safe place at home and now I will only carry cash, and only as needed.  Already I’m finding it very hard to part with my money when it is actually there in my hands and I see physically what will be left in that envelope.  I’m becoming very miserly and I like it!

One night, I believe last season, Shark Tank featured the Squatty Potty.  It was hilarious but then the medical side in this den of Divas kicked in and we started to wonder if it was all it was cracked up to be.  Now and then we’d joke about it though we didn’t part with the money to own one.  Fast forward to this month:  Diva Boo recently received her income tax check and ordered 2 of them, and I’m here to tell you, without it being TOO much information, that they really are pretty amazing.  I think every bathroom in the land should have one in fact.  We’ll just leave it at that, shall we?


A True Blessing

The rest of the household is sleeping, but I’m in front of my computer.  A glass of wine is on the desk next to the keyboard, Eucalyptus oil is in the diffuser because I forgot to take my allergy meds today, and it is snowing outside.  It is also 11:39pm, but I’m not sleepy…yet.

I was just sitting here thinking about how this day has gone, and how blessed I am to have been living right here, in the Diva Den, making memories with my mom, sister, and niece.  6 years ago I thought the world as I knew it was coming to an end, but as mom says, in a year your life’s landscape will change, and it does. Every year since it has only gotten better.

Instead of being married for 27 years now, I’m living with these fantastic women and sharing what we couldn’t have known would be my mom’s last few years on this earth. It is all a tremendous blessing in disguise and every day now I am thankful for it!

The snow outside today has reminded me that even in the bleakest of times, I only have to look around to find the beauty of life surrounding me.  God gives us blessings like this every day but we often fail to see it.  I see it every evening now as we all gather to watch our favorite TV shows, with a log in the fire place keeping us warm, our drink of choice, and the sharing of laughs and memories of long ago days during commercial breaks.  Mornings when I don’t have to work are spent sipping coffee in the living room with mom, talking and sharing together.

My life can indeed be summed up as, “it did not go as planned”, but God’s plan to free me from a life of sin and give me the blessing of sharing so much more time with my mom is no mistake.  What a gift I’ve been given, and will always treasure!


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Monthly Goals ~ February

Nothing makes goals more likely to be accomplished than writing them down, or in some way documenting them.  For this reason I’m going to start linking up with this linky group each month, so now that I’m a planner nerd maybe I can be a goal achiever too!  You can link up or follow progress of others by clicking the button below:

Now for the goals for the Marvelous One for February:


  • Clean out my bedroom closet…again! Too much junk in there that needs to find a dumpster, donation box, or other new home.
  • Get the darn Christmas tree un-decorated and put away. I cannot believe it is still up!


  • Finish 2 baby blankets for grandsons. One is a year old, the other 7 months, it is high time I just sat down and worked on them to completion.
  • Finish the prayer shawl to donate to the nursing home ministry.


  • The Power of Broke– Daymond John
  • Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl – Lysa Terkeurst

DEVOTIONS (on a daily basis)

  • She Reads Truth ~ lent
  • Crossroads church The Daily


  • Recruit 2 new reps
  • Acquire 2 new customers


Hot Coffee & A Pink Snuggie

20160127_154728I’m not really sure why, but I’m cold today.  No hot flashes to keep me warm (where are they when we actually need them?), and while it isn’t cold in the house, I feel chilled.  Usually my heat vent in my bedroom is closed because I do get too warm, but not today. So here I sit in my pink Snuggie.  Don’t laugh, it does keep me warm, along with this wonderful, hot cup of coffee on the desk.  Those are paired with jeans, a sweater and my pink, Hello Kitty footie socks and Hello Kitty slippers.  Admit it, you are insanely jealous!

This morning was a sleep in day, I made it to 8am and that was as late as I could manage.  Considering it is 3.5 hours past my alarm for work days, it was fantastic!  Coffee and mom time followed.  Every morning that mom and I are both home and awake in the morning, is coffee time.  We grab our cups and curl up in the arm chairs in our living room and talk.  While my life is one giant, “this did not go as planned“, nothing could be better than having these years with her, on a daily basis, to laugh, share, and make memories.  All too soon she will be gone, and thankfully I’ve been given a gift these past nearly 6 years, to be able to spend these final years of her life journey under the same roof.

We ran one errand today, heading to the grocery store to pick up about 3 items to make lime garlic chicken for dinner, though while we did get what we needed the plan changed first to walking tacos, then to steak burgers.  We ended up buying $60+ of unplanned purchases, which included a scrumptious chocolate cake because when we found out it is National Chocolate Cake day today, well we didn’t want to miss celebrating.  So, lunch included a plate full of baby-angels-in-the-mouth goodness.  We were back in our arm chairs indulging in chocolate decadence and loving every minute!


Cough, Sneeze, Bloooow!

20160122_095044The smell of Eucalyptus and Peppermint is filling my room as I’m sitting here, the diffuser kicking it out in a nice, fine mist.  I’ve been dealing with sniffles for a few days, then yesterday woke up with no voice to speak of and my head pulling over time as a snot factory.  Denial is not going to change this situation, I’m sick and have to accept that fact.

Good Intentions

This whole year so far has been hectic around the Diva Den, and we’re only 22 days into it! Our Christmas tree is still standing, decorated in the living room because we all got into serious wedding mode once the holidays were past us.  My niece, a former member of the household, got married on 1/16 and everyone was more concerned with getting the final prep done, clothes chosen etc, than with packing up our holiday decor.  I also was still pulling 5 or 6 days a week, 12.5 hour shifts at work, so the very last thing on my mind was getting the storage containers ordered to use for the 3 sections of the very large tree.  It arrived compacted in to a very small box by comparison to the size once out and fluffed and nothing short of an act of God is going to get it back in there without damaging the branches.  Those containers arrived Tuesday, and the intent was to pack it up yesterday.

Yesterday arrived with me sick, my sister recovering from sinus surgery, my other niece sleeping because she works nights now, and mom getting a chemo treatment.  The tree continues to grace the room.  Maybe over the weekend we can get to that if my sister and I are feeling up to it, though at this point I would not bet money on the activity taking place.


Today, while nursing this dreadful, creeping crud in my body, I’m waiting for the snow to begin falling.  Yesterday I had to stop at the store to get logs for our fire place, and more tissues because we were getting dangerously low on those disposable snot rags.  Wrong day to need anything with a huge snow storm in the forecast but thankfully I was there early, before all of the bread-milk-eggs brigade could descend on the aisles and stock up like we will be snowed in for a decade rather than a few hours.  And now, the last time I saw a report we’d gone from 8+ to around 1-2 inches of expected snowfall.  The original did well for the grocery store sales as always.  Still cannot for the life of me figure out why everyone stocks those items for a blizzard.  If I am going to be hunkered down for several days I want wine, steak, and plenty of good snacks, not french toast!

I’m honestly bummed that we aren’t supposed to get more snow, I was looking forward to the bigger amount!  Yes, I do detest being cold, but if there are no leaves on the trees, the sky is gray and the grass brown, then let it snow and make the world outside beautiful.

Smelling The Roses

As much as I would like to be living in Sarasota, I’ve come to realize I would miss the change of seasons.  I’ve learned to live IN the moment, as the reality that it is all we are promised has sunk in, and each season brings special times and memories to be made. Stopping to really smell the roses of life, to focus, has helped me really appreciate every detail including winter weather.  My job has been such an eye opener to enjoying and embracing each moment of every day, and the circumstances surrounding it.  I suppose that could be called maturing?  Or just really appreciating what God has for me in every part of my life, right here, right now.

My Stylist Is In Witness Protection

Seriously beginning to think so anyway, as it took days to get a response for a cut and color, a few more to set a date and time.  Then, she had to cancel this past Thursday and I haven’t been able to elicit a response for a reschedule.  I NEED a haircut in the worst way. Color can wait, I’m growing out my natural color and so I don’t mind if it isn’t colored but the cut is a must have, and she seems to have disappeared into some kind of stylist witness protection program.  I hate this!!!  Currently on the hunt for a new scissors chick to cut my locks, hoping to achieve this today.


Flinging Toothpaste On The Walls

..and the shower curtain, sink, floor, mirror, toilet tank…

I’m not a big fan of wasting things, especially toothpaste.  And when the tube is running low and sliding it over the edge of the sink while held at each end stops working, I sometimes will hold the bottom and wave it hard to shake any residue to the opening.  This tends to work very well. Unless, of course, the cap isn’t snapped tightly on.

That is what happened yesterday as I was getting in the shower.  I always brush my teeth in the shower, so I was naked and getting my toothbrush ready when I discovered there was no getting any more squeezed from the tube.  Not to worry, just fan that sucker and it will get enough to brush with.  It did, and then some.  Seems that cap wasn’t on there just right and as I’m fanning the tube it unhinged, tooth paste like thick blood splatter at a shooting, is going everywhere.  I’m certain my guardian angel was appalled watching me cleaning up the sticky goo in my birthday suit.  Each time I go into the bathroom I’m finding yet more surfaces sporting paste that needs to be cleaned up.


My One Word For 2016

Did you catch my latest post over on The Prodigal Princess?

The Prodigal Princess

onewordI’ve been struggling and contemplating for a bit, trying to figure out what my one word was going to be for 2016.  The word that will guide me, influence me, steer me in the right direction to grow my faith, enhance my walk with the Lord, etc.  I felt it needed to be an action word, not something like ‘hope’, but similar to my previous one, seek.

Tonight I went to the Saturday evening service at church because I work tomorrow.  I am SO thankful I did, because the message series is Anything Is Possible (with God).  WOW was it good!  And it was just what I needed. And it was during the ride home while praying to God, out loud in my car (a favorite time to talk to Him) that I feel He gave me my word:  Discipline

I need more time in the Word.

I need…

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‘Ringing’ In 2016 With A Snore


Photo by Dan @freedigitalphotos.net

Welcome to 2016, a year loaded with great promise.  This is because I have decided it is so, and that is half the battle.  Why yes, I am a gal who sees the glass as half full. Fact is my glass is overflowing if I’m completely honest.  Blessings pour over the top every single day.

I went to bed last night before 11:30.  I had worked all day, and the one before, so exhaustion was winning the war as we (me, Boo and Mom) were watching season 2 of Lt. Joe Kenda Homicide Hunter. My head kept nodding, eyes struggled to stay open, and finally common sense won and it was off to bed.  When the clock struck midnight and 2016 made entrance, the Sandman had me deep in la la land dreaming.  No regrets, sleep is in short supply for this girl.

Weeding through Facebook today, there is an abundance of “happy new year” posts in my feed, but also something I find disturbing:  “good riddance 2015”, “glad 2015 is over” and other negative expressions toward the past 365 days.

Seriously what was so awful that you’d like to chuck an entire year of your life away and run for the next one in a life that is already so short?

My year was not without some downer moments, like mom’s cancer returning, favorite residents in my care dying, the end of a brief relationship I thought was something special, but it was so overflowing with blessings!  My 5th grandchild was born, many memories were made with friends and family, I have found what is the best job ever, I’ve been privy to some amazing sights at 5:30am driving to work I’d have missed if still home in bed.  I’ve lost 30 pounds, in better condition physically than I’ve been in many years, my faith was renewed and has grown, and I’m happy.  Really happy! Every morning I wake up smiling, looking forward to whatever the day brings.  Each night, even on the ones I’m so tired sleep is invading before my head is on the pillow, I smile and have a very happy heart!

2015 was a very good year, and 2016 is going to be even better!