Tuesday Coffee Chat – The One Question


I LOVE today’s Tuesday Coffee Chat question:

What is the one question you would ask everyone you meet?

I do have a go to question, and sometimes actually remember to ask it:

What is the best thing that has happened to you today?

Isn’t it great?  It is on my outgoing message on  my voice mail and it is funny how many people leave their message and take the time to tell me what the best thing of the day was for them!  I get a lot of compliments on my outgoing message for that reason.

At dinner with the step-kiddos that has become part of what I use to get them talking.  First I ask what is something new they learned that day.  Then we follow up with asking what the best thing of the day was, and they have to stop and think.  “Nothing” is not an acceptable answer for either dinner time inquiry.

SO, stands to reason that I ask YOU, my readers, what is the best thing that has happened to you today?

Henrietta Hamster

Henrietta Hamster

Henrietta Hamster

Much as I did not need a new payment added to my budget, the time has come and I was forced into it.

My car, the 18 year old Volvo I have been driving now for over 8 years, maybe close to 10, crapped out on me on my way home from work last week.  I was less than thrilled.  While this was never the car I wanted (the ex purchased it for me and it lacked some things I very much wanted, like front wheel drive), it served me well and got me to and from work for a long time now.  But it has had some major (as in expensive) things go wrong in the past few years and it still needed somethings that I simply wasn’t ready to handle.

This left me with one of our company vehicles for a night, but it is needed by the sales manager and couldn’t be used by me for more than a day or so.  I came to the conclusion it was time for me to purchase a new vehicle.  Well new to me anyway.

I wanted a white car, as I have had dark cars and white ones.  White doesn’t show dirt like a dark one does.  White also stays much cooler than dark ones with the sun beating down on the top all day.  In recent years there are 2 cars that have caught my eye, the Kia Soul and the new Ford Fusion.  The Fusion was really far out of my reach for monthly payments so that was not an option.  I didn’t even think about the Soul, just logged on to the website for the dealership where my sister recently purchased a car, and there it was, on the used car page.  Like destiny calling to me, it was a WHITE Keo Soul, 2011 and in great great amazing condition.  And in my price range.  I wanted her badly, and so I set out to get things in line to purchase her.

Thursday evening I drove my new baby, Henrietta Hamster, off the lot, ALL mine!  The best part(s) is that I did it all on my own.  No co-signer, no one telling me that I couldn’t have exactly what I wanted, just me me me!  Another major step of independence for the Marvelous one, and it felt so good.

I love this car, it is SO me, so much fun to drive, and all mine.  I am ecstatic to say the least.

Tuesday Coffee Chat ~ What Makes Me Unique?

Today is Tuesday, and time for the Tuesday Coffee Chat.  Join in and post your answer the the Tuesday question!

What Makes Me Unique?

  • I’m 50 years old and still a big kid!  I love pink dye in my hair and ANYTHING Hello Kitty.
  • Direct Sales? I’m addicted and have 3 different direct sales businesses.
  • My desk has a variety of toys on it, from Hello Kitty, Smurfette, and the entire Wizard Of Oz Happy Meal collection.
  • I love the color pink, bright pink!  My office practically glows when the lights are on thanks to the bright pink walls.
  • I have a watch fetish.  I own about 15 watches, and will likely own a lot more as I find cute ones to add to my collection.
  • I took the Kolbe A Index and MO quiz online, best $$ spent in a while, and discovered I am a 7-3-7-3.  :)
  • Social Media is like a drug addiction for me!  Thanks to that it is an area that I am given to work on for the company so that I can play to my strengths.
  • I  love chocolate, especially dark!
  • Marti with the party! I just like to be positive and have FUN!

Mt. Washmore, My Least Favorite Mountain

Yes, Mt. Washmore. As in “wash more often”.  Or maybe “wash more” again.  I swear the dirty laundry mates and multiplies, as I am washing twice a week and still it just piles up!  Oh well, at least we have a washer and dryer, nothing would be worse than loading it up and having to cart the mountain off to the laundromat.

10013668_607000622718799_1229616938_nI had to say goodbye to my little bad-ass cat, Skyler.  She just didn’t ever manage to fit in around here.  She has been around for 6 months but at no time did she ever get along with the other cats we have, or the dog.  In fact, there was no love loss between the humans and the kitten.  Things about her were simply not normal.  Eyes that didn’t change indicating blindness.  Aggressiveness that simply increased rather than decreasing.  She’d spend hours spaced out, tongue out, drooling puddles, then seem to surface mentally and completely go berserk.  The last straws were the sudden attacks and biting.  I cannot risk my grandson being attacked and I was less than appreciative of her tearing through my shirt sleeve and into my flesh with her teeth.  So she is now hopefully placed in a home that is ready for a special needs feline.  The other cats have settled down again, and in fact I found them snuggled up together when I got home from the store today, something that hadn’t happened since the kitten arrived.

1957395_606989869386541_1136329841_nWhile out shopping I happened upon something very disturbing.  The local KKK was demonstrating on a street corner nearby.  This did not make me happy at all.  These hate filled monsters grate on my nerves.  It would not bother me one bit if someone ran them over.  In fact, I wish I had my grandpa’s favorite dream weapon.  He used to say “If I had a gun that shot shit…”.  Well, if I had a gun that shot shit, I’d have shot every damn one of them with the smelliest manure available.  Instead, I flipped them off as I passed by and made sure they saw it.  Then I had to explain to the step kids who they were and what they stood for, which didn’t sit well with the kiddos.  Good.  Educate them young in tolerance and Christian love, and yes I did mention that my flying the middle finger was not very Christian.

Glad to be back home with the two cats who show the black and white together are an awesome combo.

I May Need A Social Intervention

I am a social media junkie.  Really, it is an addiction that is getting out of control.  I do all of the following:

Yahoo IM

And now, as if that were not enough, I’m trying to learn how to use SnapChat.   My granddaughter isn’t able to get her video working on Skype so I am trying to learn to use SnapChat.  UGH!  That one is a challenge. I have to go online and find myself a tutorial as it just doesn’t seem real user friendly to me.

Meanwhile, I’m wondering if I might need an intervention soon, social media is really becoming addicting for me.  If my smartphone were to suddenly cease to operate I’d likely have a major melt down.  There would be certain withdraw symptoms.

Growing up with a rotary phone in our house and black and white television at first, I cannot help but find all the technology to be exciting!  But I also wonder, sometimes, when is it too much sharing and connecting?

Breastfeeding In Public

By Jomphong, published on 21 August 2013 Stock Photo - image ID: 100196112

By Jomphong, published on 21 August 2013
Stock Photo – image ID: 100196112

WOW what a hot button!

I was channel surfing in the office this morning to find something not too distracting for background noise on my TV while I work.  The View was on, and while I usually do not care for the show I left it on over The Price Is Right.  The topic came up of Delta Airlines, via Twitter, telling a woman it is unacceptable to breastfeed on the plane unless covered.  That exploded and breastfeeding mamas hit the freaking ceiling.

Here is the deal as I see it.  I am a mom.  I’ve breastfed both of my children.  There were occasions when the baby got hungry and I was out and about.  I opted to find a secluded place to feed my child and covered up with a very light weight blanket so as not to offend anyone.  Yes, babies need to eat and this is how many of them do it, from mama’a breast.  But that doesn’t give us the right to offend others.  There is nothing wrong with being discrete about it ladies!  If a ladies room offered a lounge area, then I always went there.  If not, I could locate a bench in an out of the way spot.  Once I used a dressing room couch.

I’m female, I am a mom, I breastfed my babies, but I do not want to sit there and watch someone else do it out in public.  I don’t see anything wrong with asking someone to cover up or find a discrete place to do so!

Have You Ever Considered….

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