Sunday Afternoon Coffee Musings: Gifts

Coffee cup with steamToday in church, in the continuation of the “Oh The Wonders I’ve Seen” series, our campus pastor, Greg, was talking about the wonders in each of our lives.  Those things we are so busy we miss but are gifts and blessings from God.  He used a verse that came to him last weekend while celebrating his 30th birthday:

James 1:17New American Standard Bible (NASB)

17 Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.

We were challenged to really look around us this coming week at the gifts we are given, the good things in our life.  It got me thinking of the many things each day that pass by me that I don’t even realize are just that, good things, perfect gifts from God.  If I believe (and I do) that nothing touches our lives that is not given by or allowed by God (and if He is indeed omnipotent then of course He has to allow it or it cannot occur), then everything good is a gift.

Have you heard that question, “what if you woke up tomorrow with only those things you thanked God for today”?  It really makes you think!  Most nights I fall into sleep forgetting to take time to pray and give thanks.  I could try just giving thanks in prayer throughout my day for things if I just take time to stop and be thankful.  The attitude of gratitude, as mom said while I was sharing about this morning when I was on the deck earlier with her.

Just so far today I have SO much to be thankful for, so many great gifts.

I had a great night of sleep, woke in a comfortable bed.

I was running late because I had not properly set my alarm on that kick butt smart phone of mine, a wonderful gift of technology and connection with the world.

Transported to services in the adorable little car that I so love that I was able to purchase because of a great paying job to back my credit and my Avon business is supplying enough money to pay for it each month.

After the services, which thanks to the gifts of sight and hearing I could enjoy, I went out to lunch with my kids and their spouses.  I love that we attend the same church and can enjoy this time together.  Much laughter and fun.

My grandkids were along and that part is awesome too, I adore them!

When I came home, the Divas were on the deck, enjoying the weather and I joined them.  I love it out there, so pretty and relaxing.  It is one of the things I love about this huge, wonderful house we have.

Just in this day so far I’ve so many ‘gifts’ and blessings to be thankful for that I often take for granted.  I’m wealthy beyond measure with so much goodness in my life.

Yes, there are so many wonders and gifts, I need to take stock daily and remember to give thanks for them!

Friday Confessional


Time to get your confession on!

*beebopping down the aisle the confessional to let it all fly*

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I confess…

There is a distinct possibility that one day soon I will never get out of bed again. I purchased one of those memory foam mattress toppers that keeps you cool while cradling your sleeping form.  I put it on over the mattress then the sheets.  It is awesome!  My cat has her spot on it, and my dog also has found it to be the ultimate in comfort.  Good thing she is a Yorkie.  Sadly the two cannot enjoy it at the same time, the dog thinks she is protecting me and runs that cat off if she tries to bed down with us at night.  So kitty relaxes on the bed during the day.  I also now own an Isocool pillow.  Menopause sucks but I’m fighting back and winning a few small battles to stay cool and comfy.

I confess…

I gave the whole pixie hair cut thing a chance.  I hate it.  I’m going back to my spiky do!  Hopefully Tuesday evening after work I can squeeze in with my stylist and go back to the funky look I loved so much.  No clue yet when I will change hair color again, but loving it where it is in auburn at the moment.

I confess…

Finding time to get my direct sales businesses to the next level has been difficult.  But this weekend is wide open and I’m going to be kicking things into high gear.  Know anyone who could use an extra $300 a month? That is super doable in Avon (I make my car payment with my Avon income), have them contact me here or sign up online at and use code:  martigardner I will help them out!

I confess…

I am really excited that my Fitbit will be here today.  I have wanted one for some time now and I cannot wait to get it!  I’ve learned that I can connect to friends and family who have them to compete toward fitness goals?  This will be fun!  If you use one I’d love to hear from you in the comment section!

I confess…

I got my email today from the church running group. YAY!  I will be starting out walking then walk/run then run as I train for that 5K in November with the rest of my team at work.  Even if we would not do it for some reason, I want to be able to run one anyway.  I love the idea of making new friends through the church group like this!

Wine & Cheese ~ 82nd Serving

wine n cheeseWelcome to Wine & Cheese, my weekly, Wednesday whine session.


Every week on Wednesday I devote a blog to whining. Despite being a really happy, positive person, I do have things that annoy me at times. I never let anything grate on my nerves for long but thought it would be fun to vent them periodically in my blogs. I also feel that good things, the cheese in life, should be acknowledged as well. I’m even going to throw in a bit of dessert, a piece of virtual chocolate, something that made me laugh or smile just a bit more than normal. If you’d like to read the past editions of Wine & Cheese just click HERE for all of the past postings. Sit back and join me now for the 82nd serving of some wine and cheese!


~*~ ~*~ ~*~




:(  I am on the verge of totally giving up on the male side of the species.  Seriously.  I re-activated my dating profiles on a few sites recently and I’m beginning to think I might be far better off S-I-N-G-L-E.  My profile is so crystal clear about age, location and other criteria.  No one pays attention at all.  When I mention that I am not interested and why, things turn ugly.  I give you the most recent of these exchanges.

July 13, 2014

A sends me a picture of a wine bottle and 2 glasses:

A - 4usOK?

Me – Um, you are 91 miles away, that really isn’t local.

*He then sends me a ‘gift’, a virtual red rose*

A - small price for my prize

Me – sorry, just not into long distance

A - yes u r

Me – no I am really not

- ???????

Me – what is it you aren’t understanding?

A - nothing your done

Me - exactly

July 15th, 2014

A - your a bitch

Me – LOL because I don’t want to deal with long distances and set some boundaries for my relationships and life that you don’t happen to line up with you resort to name calling? Then you sir are certainly no gentleman.  Good luck in your search for your prize.

A - I want you ok, u want me

Me – I am not interested.  You have already shown me your true colors.

A – No, i’m yours get over it bitch

Me – Good bye

At this point I blocked him.  I seriously question the sanity of this individual.  He had responded but once I blocked him it all vanished.  Thankfully I made screen shots of it all and his profile.  Just wow.  He also needs some English lessons.

You can see why I am discouraged with the male population.  Most who contact me are WAY too old, WAY too young, still legally married (not an option), have no photos and are too far away.  Some talk of relocating if I’m “the one”. That just freaks me out and sends red flags flying all over the place.




:)  It is SO gorgeous here!  Windows open all night, crickets singing in the dark and a gentle breeze coming in the window.  I slept like a downed tree.

:)  The good sleep can also be attributed to the new memory foam topper on my bed.  HEAVEN!  It was all I had to get out of the bed and get ready for work.

:)  Day 6 of the 24 Day Challenge from Advocare and I’m down 6 pounds.  I am doing a serious happy dance.  I have talked to many personal friends who have and are using this challenge and the products with great success, so I am more than happy to endorse this!






Friday Confessional




Time to unload the confessions, get it all out in the open!

I confess…

I joined/re-activated my dating site profiles.  Now I’m wondering what the heck I was thinking.  Seriously, either the majority of the male side of the species cannot read or they think when you list various criteria it doesn’t apply to them personally.  Maybe they feel that they are such a perfect specimen that I will find them irresistible and won’t mind that they are 40 or 78 (my age specs are 48-58), live in Albuquerque (I am crystal clear that you must be LOCAL) and have 3 kids under 15 living with them (I spell out that I am done raising kids, I’m a grandma now and not up for mom/step-mom of the year though we all know I’d get the crown).  I try to respond nicely but I’m running out of patience and beginning to think that I’d be better off remaining SINGLE.

I confess…

Today is day #1 of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge for me.  I signed up to be a distributor for the purpose of getting the products at a far less expensive price.  In the process of talking to my brother, who happens to be my sponsor, about the product line, I learned of the challenge.  It sounded like my kind of gig so here I am.  My son also signed up but didn’t know I had or he’d be under me but that is okay.  He doesn’t need to lose any weight, he is very buff, lifts weights etc, but he loves their products for muscle building etc so it was a good fit for him.  He now has 3 folks he knows doing the challenge too.

I am down 5 from a few weeks ago which could be because I’m drinking no beer of late.  I’m also trying not to eat a bag of microwave popcorn every night while reading, opting instead for herbal tea to help me fight off the menopause induced vampire hours (in other words I find myself awake in the night unable to sleep). NO one believes me when I tell them what I weigh, but it’s true.

I confess…

I cut back my claws this morning.  I have not had time to hit my favorite nail tech (best tech in the world) and they needed filling so bad they were lifting.  Instead of going I just cut them down and now slowly removing them the way you are not supposed to remove them, kinda peeling them off slowly.  I will get a new set on payday, but for now I’m without my back scratchers for the dog and cats.  They will live.

I confess…

I now have a business coach!  While I more or less do Advocare, Jewelry In Candles, SwissJust and Javita as hobbies, I am sold out to Avon as my business of choice for direct sales.  I signed on with a coach and last night had my first coaching call.  It rocked!  Working with a coach is such a great way to go, wish I would have thought of it sooner.



Wine & Cheese ~ 81st Serving

wine n cheeseWelcome to Wine & Cheese, my weekly, Wednesday whine session.

Every week on Wednesday I devote a blog to whining. Despite being a really happy, positive person, I do have things that annoy me at times. I never let anything grate on my nerves for long but thought it would be fun to vent them periodically in my blogs. I also feel that good things, the cheese in life, should be acknowledged as well. I’m even going to throw in a bit of dessert, a piece of virtual chocolate, something that made me laugh or smile just a bit more than normal. If you’d like to read the past editions of Wine & Cheese just click HERE for all of the past postings. Sit back and join me now for the 80st serving of some wine and cheese!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~


:(  Okay so it hasn’t been weekly.  In fact it has been since April that I have ‘wined’ about anything.  I got very busy, and I needed a break.  Trust me that it wasn’t anything to do with a lack of things to write about, as life and people will never fail to feed me what I need.


:(  I have whined about this before, but I’m going to do it again.  I truly hope to learn that this is not  problem unique to my neck of the woods.  Sunglasses.  These are NOT about being fashionable, though I do choose when I purchase mine with the hope that they will enhance my appearance, my primary reason for them is TO SEE IN THE SUNSHINE!   They are not for looking cool, they are not an accessory to play up an outfit.  Sure, they can be those things but their purpose for existence is the protection of eyes from the sun.  Especially when traveling behind the wheel of a car as in DRIVING it.  Every single morning the same folks drive up the same stretch of highway knowing that as they round a particular bend they will be hit dead in the face with light brighter than flipping on the bedside lamp at 2am.  And yet they do not wear sunglasses.  Instead they slam on their brakes because they cannot see!


:(  This brings me to another peeve.  Turn signals.  These are not an optional feature, you did not have to pay extra for those.  Standard on every car, you are highly encouraged to USE them, preferably in advance of turning or changing lanes.  It is not recommended, when the sun hits your eyes on the highway that, in addition to hitting the brakes, you suddenly change lanes unannounced.  The sun is equally bright in my lane, hence the sunglasses perched on my nose.  Common courtesy and safe driving would be turning on the turn signal, making sure you can change lanes without hitting anyone around you BEFORE entering the lane.  The signal is not a guarantee that you are able to change at that moment that it strikes your fancy.  It does not mean that when your driver’s side door is even with my front bumper that I am going to brake suddenly and allow you to join me in my current lane.  It also does not mean that because there is a car length between me and the car in front of me that it is wise to attempt to squeeze in between us.  There is this concept of assured clear distance.  If you squeeze in, I have to slow rapidly, upsetting the numb skull behind me who also has no concept of assured clear distance and is now tailgating me even closer for causing him to have to brake because he was following too close to me and this is somehow all my fault. :(



:)  I start the Advocare 24 day challenge this weekend.  I cannot wait.  I have 40 pounds I want off this body and that seems like a good way to kick start things.  I’ll be walking nightly too which sure won’t hurt the process!

:)  I am finally feeling good again after a run with the flu.  Seriously who gets that in summer? Seems it was going around these parts and I got it.  But back to my normal, quirky, weird self.

:)  It is hot.  And humid.  And NOT snowing and cold.  This makes me happy.



I saw this on Pinterest.  If you’ve ever been the victim of a lunch thief at work, here is the fix it for that.


Sunday Evening Wine Musings

10528037_661869007231960_1756530536_nIt has been a beautiful past few days, and regretfully the holiday weekend is coming to a close.  The weather has been completely perfect, in the 70′s with blue skies and lots sunshine and breezes.

I love where I live for many reasons, not the least of which is the house full of crazy, fun other women in my family.  Friday evening we sat on the front steps watching neighborhood fire works, then moved onto the deck.  It turned into karaoke until 2 am when we all went to bed.  My family is so much fun.

10516943_661129657305895_661815101_nAnother reason I love it here is the park like atmosphere.  It is so peaceful to sit on the deck and enjoy a glass of wine or cup of coffee. There are woods behind us and therefore we have plenty of deer that come through.  I went to let the dog out that next morning and found this doe laying between the trees, near the deck, enjoying the sunshine.  Later that afternoon a fawn came prancing through the backyard.  They are beautiful creatures, dumb as bricks, but quite the sight.  I admit, I wouldn’t mind having her in the freezer come hunting season.  I don’t hunt but both of my kids do and I am always happy to take some venison off their hands.

It was a great message in church this morning, which just topped off the weekend.  I have trust issues with God, I see that after today.  I need to ask Him to help me with that.  I also signed up for the running group at church, but with the walkers.  I need to start walking then I can run.  I also ordered the 24 Day Challenge from Advocare (did I mention I sell for them too? – Direct sales junkie! I might need and intervention).  I have to get serious before I end up with health issues so now is the best time and they say the best exercise is the one you will do.  Well that would be walking!  Eventually running.

I will be returning to writing something of substance this week.  Need to learn to block my writing time and then actually sit down and do it.  That and everything else I need to do.


Seriously, Just Flush It!

Have you ever noticed that when walking into a public restroom, folks look in every stall?  Why? To first make sure it is at least usable, I get that.  I’ve seen my share of them where it looks like someone failed “Hovering 101″.  Just use the paper seat protectors for crying out loud, unless you can hover without sprinkling everything.  If those are not available then put toilet paper on the seat or carry them in your purse.  Oh, sorry, addressing the ladies here, fellas.

But more than seeking a potty where it doesn’t look like the Titanic sank and left water everywhere, the gals in the washroom are checking to find a commode that has been flushed.  God forbid that someone maybe walked off and didn’t not send their sewer pickle on down to the river or wherever turds go when flushed away.  For that matter, if someone has simply sprinkled golden joy in the bowl (ie: they urinated, pee’d etc) and forgot to flush, the stall will be deemed unusable.

There can be a line out of the door and halfway around the block and women will stand there and wet their panties before venturing into that otherwise usable, personal toilet space and FLUSH THE TOILET!  Sometimes, yes, the little flushing mechanism is broken and that frankly sucks.  But 9 out of 10 times it is that everyone is afraid of the contents of the porcelain bowl.  Now, I’ve seen my fair share of horror movies in my younger days and I’m huge fan of The Walking Dead.  I won’t walk through room in a funeral home that has a dead body in it unless I am with others because it MIGHT just rise up like in the movies and I’d passout and become zombie fodder.  But never in my life have I seen a film or heard a ghost story round the camp fire of a poop monster in a public potty attacking anyone.  Granted I’ve seen some logs floating in a few places that I swear waved too me, but nothing attacked.

So what is the fear of just sticking one’s foot up and flushing the toilet so the offending sight swirls around and vanishes?  This frees up that toilet for another user!  Instead of doing the potty dance for 10 minutes we can cut the time to 6 by using that almost-ready-for-the-next-nature-calling-soul-latrine and possibly save someone from piddling down their leg!

I noted today that cats are much like we humans.  Well female felines that is, I cannot speak for males as all 3 of ours are girls.  If the litter box is getting a bit full, and there isn’t another one next to the one they pick first (I used to have 3 cats and 2 litter boxes), then they will opt to poop on the floor next to the litter box.  I’m not positive but I think this is the same as passing the stall with the used and unflushed toilet.

It must be a female thing.

Don’t forget, hover, use the toilet seat covers, or put down paper.  Or mom will know and she will lecture you.  FLUSH IT ALREADY!  And wash your hands, with SOAP people, and sing the ABC song slowly to ensure you have washed long enough.  Don’t touch the door handle with your bare hand on the way out in case germs are left behind from a previous user or didn’t wash or just let water trickle over their dainty little fingers.

You’re welcome.

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