Iced Water Moments

Photo by rakratchada torsap.

Photo by rakratchada torsap.

Why iced water? Because any more coffee and I very well may crawl up a wall and across the ceiling!  And I’m trying too drink half my body weight in water because I have been told that by trainers.  Only my pregnant daughter can rival my number of trips to the bathroom in a day.

SO, Sarasota & Siesta Key were fabulous, and right now at this writing it is 138 days, 10 hours and 48 minutes until we go back again.  Yes I am counting down!!  I hate being cold, hate snow, hate winter….you get the idea.

In my absence my poor cat had to rely on others for attention.  It is not like she lacked it, Divas love their pointy eared fur babies so she got what she needed while I was away.  Since my return and the initial snubbing, she has been my shadow.  If I go downstairs from my room, she follows.  Bathroom visits are not permitted without her on the other side of the door, sometimes knocking in rapid tap tap tap.  If I am at my desk, she is on it next to my laptop trying to purr in my ear.  Sitting on the bed reading? Yep, there she is, and if I don’t pay attention she puts her paw on my shoulder to gain it.  I think it is safe to say she missed her mama.

Now that I am back in town I am back at the gym on a daily basis.  Despite being 4 days without a workout I lost 4 pounds in the sunshine state.  No complaints here!  No doubt it was being sensible with what I ate.  Because next time we will stay on Siesta Key I did a little research and discovered there is one fitness center on the key, about 2 blocks from where we will be staying, and they have week passes for sale!  I am totally stoked.  While I will get a good leg workout walking the beach, I also want my strength and cardio session that is available in a gym so that is where I will be early in the morning while The Badge sleeps in.  Meanwhile working my butt off here to be bikini ready when I get down there.

My fitness journey is just that, a trip toward a destination and if you are on Sparkpeople feel free to follow my progress, in fact friend me!  I enjoy the motivation others post.

138 days, 10 hours, 37 minutes left.



Avon: What You Should Know Before Becoming A Representative

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First let me say that I am a direct sales junkie.  A junior kit-napper would describe it best. At one point I was ‘selling’ for 7 different companies, everything from weight loss coffee, those crazy wrap things, candles and diet supplements.  It was crazy.  Now? I sell only Avon and Jewelry In Candles, the candles being more of a hobby so I can get the discounts when I want candles or tarts.

I’ve spent (wasted) good money trying out multiple companies, so I’m somewhat knowledgeable about the financial risks of direct sales.

So what should you know before you opt to sign up to be an independent sales representative for Avon?


Avon has one of the lowest start-up fees of any direct sales company.  It is only $15 to sign up, which you can do online or in person with an established representative.  This cost includes your kit…

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The Marvelous One Is MIA In Sunny Florida

I’ve been MIA that past few days, enjoying the warm weather and sunshine in Sarasota, Florida.  The Badge is here for business, I came along to help drive (who would not want to drive his Mercedes after all?) and after the business part we’ve been enjoying the “cold” weather (around here they think 60’s is cold).  It’s been in the 70’s during the day (glorious compared to Cincinnati) and 60’s over night.  64 degrees, humid, windows down in the car last night as we went cruising to some of the spots he loves.

We drove to Venice Beach today to check it out, but while it is nice, Sarasota and Siesta Key are better.  It was heavenly to walk barefoot in the sand again and come June we will be staying on Siesta Key so we can walk across the street one way to the beach, or the other way to Gilligan’s and The Daquri Deck, and pretty much everything else we want to eat or drink.  I cannot wait.

The plan is to move down here, the sooner the better.  Sooner WOULD be better.  I love it here and understand why he feels home here.  It is so beautiful.  The day I get back to Cincinnati I will be back in the gym getting my fitness on so I am bikini ready for June.  I will have my son and/or son-in-law work with me at the gym to achieve my goals.

For now, this and a few other photos are what I will enjoy and use to motivate me.  I will job hunt and find something here I think, like slinging beer at a local bar.  I can’t do an office again, ever.  I want open air!!


Friday Confessional


Friday is here and time to hit the confessional!

I confess…

I think our 3 cats are trying to escape.  The door heading into the garage didn’t get closed all the way the other night.  It is NOT an area they are permitted too enter for their safety and because they are indoor cats we cannot chance them getting out if the door goes up.

I came down at 6am to get ready to head to the gym and the door is standing open and here they come, strutting in from the garage.  I strongly suspect they were trying to hot wire a car just by the looks on their little whiskered faces.

I confess…

I am totally patting myself on the back!  I’m staying the course and dragging my sorry butt out of bed at 6am each day to go workout.  I hate it.  The alarm is across the room so I am forced to actually get out from under my warm blankets and pillows and hit the snooze button or turn it off.  It is how I ensure that I get up at all.  If I am feeling limber I can stretch and reach from the bottom of the bed, though the risk of falling off the bed exists.

On a positive note the scale has started going down, jeans fit a bit better and once I finish I feel so much better and I’m very glad I went.  It’s the getting up and going part that I grumble about.  I have so much more energy now and I’m logging my food and fitness activity on my SparkPeople account so I stay aware and focused.

I confess…

I need my roots done!  Thankfully my stylist will be here Sunday afternoon to bleach them and put some hot pink in my bangs.  I’m thrilled to say the least as The Badge and I have to make a 3 day trip down to Sarasota next week and I like feeling like I’m somewhat put together.

I confess…

I think I deserve a nap today! Don’t yet know that I will take one but I feel I deserve it.  :)

FREE Gift With Purchase – Online Only!

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Avon is giving you goodies when you purchase online, while supplies last so don’t hesitate!! to order!

Remember all orders over $30 ship FREE!  Stock up on your beauty favorites, SO many things are on sale, and get free stuff when you do!




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Wine & Cheese ~ 94th Serving

wineandcheese2Welcome to Wine & Cheese, my weekly, Wednesday whine session.

Most Wednesdays I devote a blog to whining. Despite being a really happy, positive person, I do have things that annoy me at times. I never let anything grate on my nerves for long but thought it would be fun to vent them periodically in my blogs. I also feel that good things, the cheese in life, should be acknowledged as well. I’m even going to throw in a bit of dessert, a piece of virtual chocolate, something that made me laugh or smile just a bit more than normal. If you’d like to read the past editions of Wine & Cheese just click HERE for all of the past postings. Sit back and join me now for the 94th serving of some whine and cheese!

 ~*~ ~*~ ~*~


:(  I hate winter.  I hate cold, snow, wind, all of it.  I hate wearing a coat, heavier clothes and the shorter day light hours.  Pretty much if it is part of winter, other than Christmas, I HATE IT.

:(  I had lofty aspirations of getting the year off to a running start.  It is 1/7 and not so running.  Who am I kidding, not even moving!  But that is being adjusted, read on in the cheese section.

:(  The Florida house hunting/vacation trip has been pushed back to June, but that too has a cheese side to it.



:)  I did something rather radical today.  Okay radical for me anyway.  I joined a gym/fitness center.  I know, sit down and breathe slowly, I’m shocked too.  But I am sick of my weight, and I want to be bikini ready come the Florida trip so the only way to ensure this was likely was to join.  See, it is too dang cold to walk outside and I figure if I am going to pay for it then I will go.  So, I’m meeting the trainer tomorrow to get a program in place for me to bust my ass into shape.

:)  Yes, Florida got moved to June due to The Badge’s work schedule but that is okay.  I just have one more month now to reach the weight that it says on my driver’s license and get toned up so I can rock that string bikini.  Not to mention the several pairs of jeans in my dresser that I want to be able to wear.

:)  I even found sweat pants at the thrift store, for only $1 a pair!  I am not there to be seen, so I don’t care if Kim Kardashian wouldn’t be caught dead in them.  I hope NOT to be seen as that is my early morning, no makeup, leave me the hell alone time.  It’s get into shape so that by late Spring I can rock the shorts instead.

:)  I’m currently rocking the Highlander Grogg Coffee and my jammies at 7pm.  I am also about to go curl up with a good book!

:)  All this talk of fitness and I’m debating joining the running group at church to train for The Flying Pig.  Even if I do NOT run it, I’ll be that much more fit! Not mention the fun of making new, like minded friends!




Avon Selling Tips I’ve Learned From My Cat

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cat_s_there_is_no_snooze_button_540I know you think I may have gone off my rails with that title but I promise this makes sense.  Cats would make excellent Avon Ladies, or other direct sales representatives.

Prospecting:  When my cat wants my attention she simply approaches me.  No fear of being rejected, she just comes up and paws my leg, or climbs up and pokes me in the shoulder when I’m working.  If this doesn’t work she will work her way onto my desk and keep attempting to walk across my laptop.  She makes darn sure I know she is there and wants me to pay attention.

It’s no different approaching potential recruits and customers, we have to be seen, make that potential aware of our presence and desire to speak to them.  Standing next to them in line at the store, no matter how much we wish they could read our minds and know…

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Friday Confessional

Ah Friday!  Time to hit the confessional.

I confess…

I’m so confused about what day of the week it is anymore.  Last week I missed out on confessing because by the time I realized what day we were on, it was well passed Friday.

I confess…

I’m back on track to be bikini ready by mid-May when The Badge is taking me to Florida with him.  I can barely move from doing squats but I’m determined to weigh what my drivers license says I do.  Later I need to get out and walk, which sucks because it is cold!

I confess…

The kid next door has been playing basketball in his driveway for over an hour.  I’m ready to go over there and offer him a bunch of candy to stop, it’s annoying me.  And if he says no, I swear I’ll take a knife to the basketball.  Okay I won’t but really, enough already.

I confess…

I’ve updated my Beauty Blog way more than I have this one.  Sorry for the reblogs, trying to get traffic to it.  Please visit and subscribe it will make my day!  Trying very hard to get the business built up so I can avoid a return to the corporate world.

I confess…

I’m sick of cold and dreary. I cannot wait to move to Florida with  The Badge.  The Divas are now considering a move south too.  wooohoooo!

I confess…

Downton Abbey season 5 starts Sunday evening and that is not soon enough for me.  We’ve been re-watching the past 4 seasons and even though it is my 4th time through them all I catch things I’ve missed.  LOVE that show.


Monday Memos

Monday MemosDear Self,

It has occurred to me, as I was lying awake the other night listening to one Diva snoring, then the other answering her, also snoring, that we may have misjudged the neighbor we affectionately have dubbed “Schleprock”.  Perhaps it isn’t that his shutters are not properly installed, as we laugh at them randomly falling off his house.  It may not be the fault of his skills that caused the most recent one to detach from his home, cascading to the ground, taking some of his siding with it.  It COULD be that with 3 of us snoring so hard, we’re sucking the shutters right off of his home.  Lord knows we’re peeling paint from various neighbors!  I dare say if we were all sick with a cold and snoring we might start pulling cars from garages on our street.  It might be time for breathing strips?

The Diva Who Is Also The Restock Fairy


Dear Printer,

You suck.  There was a time not so long ago when you and the laptop were best of friends.  All things sent would print as if by magic, remotely or through the USB.  But for some reason you are now acting like a spoiled child and won’t play nice in the sandbox with the laptop.  I dislike you for this, very much.  When I tried to print the workbook for my class  you behaved badly and just stopped communicating at all.  Fine, screw you, the Kinko office is nearby and they were very happy to print the workbook for my class next week.  Keep it up and I’ll just go there and write off all expenses.  Take that lazer brains!

Not feeling so Marvelous


Dear Self,

Stick to your diet guns!  138 days until we depart with The Badge for Sarasota to house hunt.  You want to be sporting that bikini body when you arrive. You are doing great, keep up the good work!  Though you MIGHT want to consider cutting the 30 Day Squat Challenge numbers in half the first round or you may never walk again.

You Are Out Of Shape Sister!


Save 20% On Your Avon Order!

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How would you like to save 20% on your first Avon order with me?  Simply go online to my store,, and find $50 or more in products you’d like to purchase.  At check-out use the code: WELCOME  and you will save 20%!  Your order will be shipped directly to you within a few days and shipping will be FREE!  Offer valid only for U.S. residents and only on your first order.


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