Wine & Cheese ~ 88th Serving

wineandcheese2Welcome to Wine & Cheese, my weekly, Wednesday whine session.

Every week on Wednesday I devote a blog to whining. Despite being a really happy, positive person, I do have things that annoy me at times. I never let anything grate on my nerves for long but thought it would be fun to vent them periodically in my blogs. I also feel that good things, the cheese in life, should be acknowledged as well. I’m even going to throw in a bit of dessert, a piece of virtual chocolate, something that made me laugh or smile just a bit more than normal. If you’d like to read the past editions of Wine & Cheese just click HERE for all of the past postings. Sit back and join me now for the 88th serving of some whine and cheese!

 ~*~ ~*~ ~*~


:(  My legs and backside are killing me!!!  Way too much walking this week so far, and not on flat ground.  I was up and down streets, steps, driveways…all while dragging my old lady style grocery cart behind me full of Avon brochures. OUCH!

:(  The weather has been a reminder that winter is coming.  Autumn temperatures that make for the need to wear long sleeves or a light jacket have taken over.  I’m not happy about it at all.  No leaves really changing color much yet, though plenty are falling already to help reinforce the fact that summer is over. UGH

:(  Still waiting on my unemployment to finish processing.  Until my Avon business gets going I need the money.  Hurry up and…wait.


:)  Yes the legs are screaming at me but the scale moved down again!  I know that ache only means that things will tone up and the scale will keep moving on downward and that is a very good thing.

:)  While I do miss my pup going with me, I have to say I move so much faster without her along for the stroll.  I will just have to walk her each day to make up for it.

:)  I love my Kindle Unlimited subscription.  I had a bunch of books on my Amazon wish list that I realized were on the Unlimited!!!! SO now I get to read them for free and then ‘return’ them when finished and not spend anymore money.  OH life is so good!

:)  Tonight I am enjoying the Soundscapes music channel and burning the Cucumber & Mint candle from Jewelry In Candles.  It is so relaxing!



What Is Absolute Beauty?

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  But that, I think, means physical beauty, which frankly is very shallow as far as how you judge someone.

True beauty is what beauty looks like in the dark.

Think about that for a moment.  If no one could ‘see’ each other, on what would we base beauty?  Absolute beauty is what the heart and soul look like in a person, and those things are not so much seen with the eyes as with the mind and through a person’s actions.

Beauty doesn’t tear others down with words, it is always uplifting.  It finds the good in a person and expresses only that which is kind.

Beauty encourages others, leads the cheers for them when they are struggling or pushing through to a new level of success.

Beauty is love, for one another and for self.  Yes for self.  See, we take care of ourselves when we love ourselves.  Self love is not bad in and of itself…it nourishes the body or vessel, keeps it in good order so that the person can then in turn care for others in need.

True beauty forgives and forgets.  It also admits when it is wrong and asks for other’s forgiveness.

Absolute beauty is what each of us looks like in the dark, if we are in fact beautiful.  Are you beautiful?

Unlocking The Mental Gates: My Dog Pooped At Work

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday’s Writing 101 assignment is to just unlock my mind and let it flow for 20 minutes.

Unlocking this brain and letting things just pour out is one rather scary proposition.  You just never know what it is that I might say.  Pardon the typos, if any, as I’m not supposed to worry about that, just hit the keys and let it all hang out.

Recently I found myself out of a job and decided that I would embrace my ‘hobby’ and make it a full time job.  Many a brave man and woman have gone before me and turned their hobby of selling Avon into a full time job, and hence they make 6 figure incomes.  At one time I would have thought this was crazy but I actually KNOW some of them and they are not anything out of the ordinary.  Just regular Joe and Jane types but they are making way more money at this than I was making in an office behind a desk in a very cool, pink office.  Hey, it’s my favorite color and the boss let me have whatever color made me happy so it was BRIGHT pink.  With black furniture and a zebra striped lamp.  Sadly that came to an end recently and now my office is…well wherever I happen to feel like camping around the house.

There really is an Avon office in the Diva Den but I don’t feel like running from the lowest level of this 2500 square foot quad to the printer, located far away from there so I land myself at the kitchen table close to the coffee maker.  This is only my second week at this but I’m rather enjoying it even if it is hard work.  Today was no exception.

I loaded up my car with brochures in their hanger bags, put my old lady style grocer cart in the back seat (you know those kind that old ladies pull to and from the market when they walk? Yep one of those), loaded the dog in the car and headed out.  I figured taking the pup along would kill two birds with one stone, walk her and get my brochures out in one amazing act!  The dog is a very protective, 11 year old Yorkie named Penny.  If you know my dog, and the way my crazy life goes, then it should be writing on the wall.  But it wasn’t because sometimes I just don’t think things through like I should.  I would blame this on the blonde hair but currently I am sporting the artificial intelligence of auburn locks and have to at least act like I have it together.  Don’t be fooled. ;)

Running shoes for support as I walked the streets, jeans, a bright pink Avon shirt, sun glasses, my cart loaded with a big box of brochures, and my dog attached to the cart by her leash, I headed down the first street.  At each driveway I pulled out a brochure and headed to the front door to hang it on the door handle while Penny, who is attached to the cart, barks her fool head off.  This is not acceptable at 9:30am.  Heck who am I kidding this is simply unacceptable any time!  But maybe, I’m thinking, she will calm herself down as she catches on that she is guarding the cart for mama while I hike up steps, steep driveways, around stray cats and sprinklers, and dodge discarded skate boards.  About every other house we passed Penny felt the need to stop and send pee-mail which was slowing me down even more than tripping over her as she tried to hurry things along in our walk.

And then, while we are working our business of distributing brochures, she stops and drops a poop bomb.  I am a responsible dog owner so of course I am armed with little bags for picking up her downloads, but after this begins to repeat itself, and the barking is going on every 30 feet, mama has reached the end of her patience.  Oh and of course the lawns are covered in dew so my little dog is now soaking wet, barking, pee-mailing like it’s her job, and pooping every few houses.  My patience hit its limits.  Turning around I headed back to my car after only 25 houses, loaded up the sopping wet pooch, box, cart and headed home.  She got left behind in the house and I picked a new neighborhood to canvas for another 150 homes.  Hey, I have some pride, I’ll go back to the other one in 2 weeks and by then maybe some other crazy looking red head will have caught their fancy and they will forget about the freak with the hyperactive, turbo-crapping Yorkie.

All told I put out 175 brochures today, wrote a newsletter with some customer specials I’m offering, encouraged my team via text, booked a vendor show, made up some sample packed brochures for folks I actually will speak too, and watched an educational video.  I’m sore from all that hiking (there needs to be a law about hilly neighborhoods and steep driveways and lots of steps to climb), but I figure the exercise is just a serious fringe benefit to my job.

Now?  Time for a cold beer and a good book, my jammies and a scented candle.

For the next few weeks most days will be a 2-fer of blog posts as I’m taking part in a blogging 101 and a writing 101 course.  Double the fun!


Hi, I’m Marti And I’m Marvelous

Hi there, how are you?  I’ve picked up a lot of new readers lately so I decided to take a few minutes to tell you who I am and why I am out here publicly telling the world about things like why my dog poops at work.  But that is another post all on it’s own.

MMy name is Marti, and I am pretty marvelous.  Actually that started when Sesame Street had a character for the letter ‘M’, Marvelous Martha.  Mom called me that a few times, though in playing along with the show, because my entire family and every friend I have had calls me Marti.  The only exception in the family was grandpa, who called me Martha Marie.  But only he was ever permitted to do that, no one else is ever allowed to refer to me by that name as he was the greatest man I have ever known and I adored him.  The rest of the family actually calls me little Mart because mom is big Mart.  I’m named after mom…and her mom.

I try very hard in my life to look for the silver lining.  No, life is not perfect and mine is no bed of thornless roses, but we all have a choice to be happy and positive, or miserable and negative.  I make the choice of going with positive.  This has been mistaken by some to be ‘ego’.  Not at all the case, more like I just see no reason to curl up in a ball and feel sorry for myself, stir drama and try to draw attention to myself with folks feeling sorry for me and fawning all over me.  I don’t need that kind of attention in my life.  I prefer folks see me as a happy, fun, funny, quirky, good time kinda gal, someone marvelously wonderful to have as a friend.  And with very few exceptions, that is how I am known.  From my Avon sisters to the folks I used to work with, to my family and friends, I am all of those fun things and I enjoy being me.

Blogging is just a creative form of journaling for me.  While some think I let it all hang out (and I am a fairly open book), there is a surprising amount of things I do not share here on my page. I have used it as a way to lash out at people but it has been a few years since I did that and I’ve made all of the apologies I will ever make for those things.

I love to write, it is like therapy for me.  I am currently writing a non-fiction book of my journey of faith, falling from it, and crawling back up on that path.  I also have a work of fiction under way.  My blog just lets me vent, cheer, unload and decompress.  It doesn’t hurt that I’ve gained quite a following as well, the numbers of followers by email and RSS etc always amazes me, I had no idea anyone cared to read what I write.

So, for all of you who are new, welcome to my crazy life.  It’s like my own reality show, and you get to join me for the insanity.

Random Marti Facts:

  • I LOVE coffee. Regular, flavored, I usually have a cup with me at all times.
  • My favorite color is pink.  Yes always has been. Had a bubble gum pink room growing up.
  • Second favorite color is purple.  I leaned on that once for a while not to offend someone.
  • I’ve stopped exchanging who I am to please others.  Take me or leave me, I am who I am.
  • I love dark chocolate.  Add nuts even better.
  • Ice cream is a weakness.
  • I’ve been married twice. First time was a short one, second was 22 years.  I’ve been divorced 4 years.  I loved being married but being single certainly has it’s benefits!
  • I’m a born again Christian.  I’m also a sinner but I’m trying to lead a godly life.  I screw up, but thankfully I’m forgiven.
  • I forgive others way too easily, hence I tend to have numerous knives in my back that others cannot see.
  • I sleep well at night, I have a crystal clear conscience.
  • Currently I am in the midst of menopause and that sucks big hairy monkey balls.  Sorry if that offends some but it’s just the facts.
  • I am mom to 2 of the best people who ever walked the planet, and mother-in-law to 2 more of those types.
  • Nana is the best name ever!  Grandma is the best stage of life.  I have 3 with one more due any minute now.
  • I live in the Diva Den.  That is a wonderful, very large house with my mom, sister and now one niece. The other niece moved out to live with her boyfriend.  We have more fun than the law should allow.
  • My favorite shows are (in no particular order):  Sons Of Anarchy, Downton Abbey, CSI, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Unforgettable, Under The Dome, NCIS.
  • I LOVE football.  Nope I still don’t totally understand some things but I love love love to watch.  Love the Bengals, and yes I am fully aware that they are not the greatest team but hey, at this writing they are 2-0 so here is hoping for a winning season.
  • I am a full time Avon Representative, currently selling at President’s Club level and a Unit Leader with my sights on SEUL.  I am looking to grow my team all over the USA so contact me if you are interested.  Yes you really can make a living selling lipstick.

Stick around, it’s rarely boring in my life and I’m usually sharing it!

Wine & Cheese ~ 87th Serving

wineandcheese2Welcome to Wine & Cheese, my weekly, Wednesday whine session.

Every week on Wednesday I devote a blog to whining. Despite being a really happy, positive person, I do have things that annoy me at times. I never let anything grate on my nerves for long but thought it would be fun to vent them periodically in my blogs. I also feel that good things, the cheese in life, should be acknowledged as well. I’m even going to throw in a bit of dessert, a piece of virtual chocolate, something that made me laugh or smile just a bit more than normal. If you’d like to read the past editions of Wine & Cheese just click HERE for all of the past postings. Sit back and join me now for the 87th serving of some whine and cheese!

 ~*~ ~*~ ~*~


:(  Not real happy that it is cloudy and looks like it is going to rain.  I wanted to go do a brochure toss but that doesn’t work well if rain is going to come down on the brochures.  And it looks like severe storms later could be a possibility.  That doesn’t thrill me at all.  WOW and now the sun is peeping through to warm up that unstable air, just what we need.

:(  I think I have pink eye, or some sort of eye infection similar to that.  This really sucks but hoping it will go away with some drops and compresses so I don’t have to spend money to go to the doctor.

:(  Really not a whine…but that is it for the unhappy faces.  Oh and remember Long Beach? He’s back again. Bad penny? Booger on your finger you cannot shake off? Dunno but I know I’m NOT moving to California and I’m pretty sure he isn’t coming here, if he truly exists as who he claims.



:)  This working from home thing is awesome on many fronts, not the least of which is that I can sleep in nearly 2 more hours and still be working my full 8 hour day.  I love it.  I just need to keep the focus!

:)  I got to spend part of my day with my favorite little Snugglebug, my grandson.  I adore that little man so much!  He is talking more and while I don’t always understand I do get most of it.  He will be 2 years old the day after Christmas, he is just growing up way too fast!

:)  Baby watch is on!  My next grandson could arrive, any day now.  I’m just TOO excited.

:)  Happy Birthday to my mom!!! My new business partner, we have such fun together.

:)  All but 2 of the items on my lengthy to-do list for work today are finished.  I make the list up the night before, so I have a game plan each day.  Some regular days will be set up as I go along and tweak but so far this is working out well.




Why YOU Could, And SHOULD Try This

kissI’ve become a bit of a direct sales junkie the past few years.  All told I have signed up to be a representative/consultant with 7 different ones.

Working for myself, from my house, is a dream.  I think at one time or another we have all shared this dream, haven’t we?  Making money while in our jammies, sipping coffee at our kitchen table while it snows and our feet are snug in our bunny slippers.  So, I tried a number of these avenues in the hope of getting out of the 9-5 office job and it’s politics (and trust me even in a tiny company you will have office politics) and working to make someone else rich.  I wanted flexibility and FREEDOM.

The trouble with most direct sales companies is that the start-up cost.  I understand that they are sending you product for displaying and sampling, business tools etc in your ‘kit’ and providing you a website to sell from.  For that reason they charge an arm or a leg (or both in some cases) to get started.  To some degree I think this cost also comes from the mind-set that if you invest your money in that kit you are move likely to work that business.

Now, be honest with me, if you have signed up and paid out $100-$500 for a kit, how many of those kits are still sitting on a shelf, behind the arm-chair in the corner of the living room, or are in the garage?  Me too.  OH I take out the product, use it and make a decision if it is a worthy product but then I don’t do a darn thing with it.

Okay honesty check here, I DID do something with 2 companies.  The one I joined for free, the Jewelry In Candles business (that one is no longer free), and the one I paid $10 to join, Avon.  And that $10 investment (it is now $15 to join) now makes me just enough to pay for my car each month.  That is changing fast as I’m out of a job and working hard to build it up, adding 3 new team members just yesterday in fact.

So what is it about Avon that made me stick around and actually work it?  For starters Avon has been in business for 128 years, so I have some faith in it.  I also LOVE the skin care products and use them daily.  I have a jewelry box full of Avon jewelry that I wear, and even shoes and some clothes.  Avon has a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee and returns are pretty simple when a customer doesn’t like something, or I don’t.  We do not stock inventory, and in fact are discouraged from doing so.  We don’t order anything unless it is for personal use or someone’s order so there is no getting saddled with a bunch of stuff we won’t sell.  We are not required to order a minimum amount monthly to stay in business.  If you want to make money, you have to place an order.  If you don’t order for a period of time, you will go inactive.  So no commitment for some auto-ship stuff just to stay in business.

We also do not do parties, it is not a party plan business.  If a representative wants to do a party, there is a plan in place to use but it is not our business model.  Mom and I started girls night out style events so we can allow our customers some social time for an hour and the ability to play with the products as we get them ahead of time when new things are released.   But again, it is something we opt to do and is more about the social and fun than selling.  Kind of a customer appreciation time out from their busy lives.

Finding customers doesn’t require extra time away from life.  Avon is worked into daily life.  If I am at the store, while in line, I ask the women around me if anyone would like a brochure and I hand them out of the supply that is ever present in my purse.  If I go to the park with the grand kids I will do the same to the moms hanging out at the play ground.  If I am feeling up to some exercise then I don’t just walk, but I pull a grocery cart (those ones old ladies pull to the store when they walk) with brochures and I walk up and down hanging the books on folks doors.  I get my walk in, plenty of stair climbing, and my “store” is out there.  I am amazed at the number of customers I get when I do these simple things and often times recruits who also want to earn some money.

Earning money…how much?  Well with Avon the commission is 20-50%.  This is based on your sales.  If you sold $300, your commission is 35%, so you would earn $105 of that order.  $300 is not difficult to accomplish.  There are incentive trips, contests, even a car allowance when you reach a particular level (Avon doesn’t pick the car for you, or the color, or lease it, you get the money and you figure out if you are buying it, what you wish to purchase/lease and your color), free products, etc.  Our websites allow customers from all over the USA to purchase products from us and have them in a few short days, so our “store” is always open online.  That website, unlike many direct sales companies, is free for Avon representatives.  We pay for our business supplies, like brochures (very inexpensive), samples etc. and for shipping.  Our tools for running our businesses are super affordable, making this the least expensive direct sales business to operate.

So what held me back before?  My ‘WHY’ wasn’t big enough I suppose.  But now, as this is my only income, I’m kicking tail.  I achieved President’s Recognition Club, which means for the rest of this year and all of next year my earnings are at least 40%.  I’m not far from making Honor Society, which brings a host of other rewards with it.  I now have the freedom to put full time hours into this business and work it as just that, a business, rather than a hobby.  My earning potential scares me!

What about you?  What would you do with $300 more a month in your budget?  If you earned it and saved it you would have $1,200 to use for Christmas shopping over the next 4 months.  You could seriously earn a lot more than that if you opted to work it like a job.  There are Avon reps who I personally know, making 6 figure incomes.  I will be one of them, mark my words.

I’m always looking to grow my team, and if you are seriously looking for a way to stay home and make money, with a solid company who has been around a LONG time, maybe you should consider how spending just $15 could change your life.  I would love to have you on my team and will help you (Skype, Email, phone calls not to mention tons of online training that is FREE).  Just go to and use the reference code:  martigardner  to sign up.  It is $15 even online, and no shipping cost.  Your kit, with brochures for 2 campaigns, 2 full size products (valued more than $15!), initial training books and samples, will arrive in about a week.  Meanwhile, once you are signed up we can get your online store set up and you could be making money now.

Why not you?  Why not today?

10653812_565235860255039_8051959920903757452_nNot up for a business but love the products? I would love to be YOUR Avon Lady!  And right now, you can get 20% off of your order of $50 or more with the code:  TRIPLEPLAY2  when you order on my site, before midnight 9/21/14.

Okay back to your regularly scheduled blogs.



Friday Confessional

OMG I am so thankful it is Friday. Time to make my way on over to Aubrey’s place and drop in the confessional and get it all off my chest so I can start the weekend free.  Join us, just click on the little lady above and link up your confessions.


I confess…

Nothing in my life for the past week as been anything at all like I imagined it would be.  This time last Friday I was sitting here in tears and mad as a hornet.  It has been an interesting week but all is good or at least it will be.

I confess…

I started off this week on a roll.  Well after being sick on Tuesday, my work week started Wednesday on a roll.  Yesterday was productive too right up until I met up with former coworkers and then my self esteem took such a huge hit I went to bed feeling rather worthless and unappreciated and wondering if I shouldn’t just give up and go flip hamburgers at McDonald’s for a living.  My drive and confidence are at an all time low today and I am mad at me.  I woke up at 2:20am and could not go back to sleep, replaying the last 3 years of my life over in my head and wondering what the heck I was ever thinking.  Everything is now, in my mind, being second guessed and questioned.  I finally realized I was wasting a lot of precious hours of rest, worrying about what is next when it wasn’t solving anything.  I woke up hurt, frustrated and confused and all the more certain I want to work for myself, that way I know I have my back and don’t question my own loyalty.  But right now I am not feeling real dang confident in me.

I confess…

I know, I need to get off the pity-party choo choo, it goes exactly NO WHERE.

I confess…

My poor dog is acting out and upset.  I guess dogs are somewhat OCD because she is very upset that we have not gone to work all week.  No amount of treats and talking to her about it seems to help her understand that we work at home now, this is the office, and there are no kind hearted veterans coming through each day to give her treats.  Sure, they don’t understand our language but I felt better saying it.   I know she is missing one in particular as he always stopped at my office to show my dog some love.

I confess…

I have so much to do and getting a late start on the attack today because of the lack of sleep last night.  Time to get to work.  ya’ll have a marvelous weekend!

Wine & Cheese ~ 86th Serving

wineandcheese2Welcome to Wine & Cheese, my weekly, Wednesday whine session.

Every week on Wednesday I devote a blog to whining. Despite being a really happy, positive person, I do have things that annoy me at times. I never let anything grate on my nerves for long but thought it would be fun to vent them periodically in my blogs. I also feel that good things, the cheese in life, should be acknowledged as well. I’m even going to throw in a bit of dessert, a piece of virtual chocolate, something that made me laugh or smile just a bit more than normal. If you’d like to read the past editions of Wine & Cheese just click HERE for all of the past postings. Sit back and join me now for the 86th serving of some whine and cheese!

 ~*~ ~*~ ~*~


:(  Finding myself unemployed just sucked.  Yes, I was pissed.  Yes, I did let them know how I felt about it.  Yes, it is water under the bridge today.

:(  I was all set to dive into my business yesterday, but my body had other plans.  I woke up all night after going to bed Monday, puking my brains out.  I am pretty sure that based on how sore I am, my body was trying to expel my toes inside out by way of my mouth.  Thankfully, living here with the other Divas who happen to be nurses, they had just the thing to stop the unstoppable vomiting and I slept most of the day. UGH.  This “life is all about how you handle plan B” stuff is getting old fast.

:(  My poor dog is so confused.  She thinks every time I go to leave the house now, that it is time to head to work.  She doesn’t understand that we now work from home.  She is no doubt missing all of the attention and treats she got in the office.  Poor baby.  :(


:)  I am now a full time Avon Lady.  I LOVE it.  I recovered from my virus enough to hit the ground running today and I’m praying my efforts pay off.  I meet my district sales manager for lunch tomorrow and I’m sure I can pick her brain for help.  She rocks and is excited for me that I am able to commit full time now.

:)  Life IS all about how we handle Plan B and my attitude is great.  I see opportunity now to work for me, and make myself the one who is rich and not someone else.  My commissions are at 40% right now so that is worth my time.  I’m pushing for the 50% margin and for the bigger better team under me.  I’m SO excited.

:)  My weight has continued to drop.  I haven’t seen the current number on the scale in years.  I’m happy about it and motivated.  Probably the one good thing that came from being sick is my appetite dropped off but that just means I can maintain better control of it now.


Who hasn’t had a day like this, despite folks thinking we look better without makeup?


Sunday Evening Coffee Musings: Plan B

iStock_000044919954SmallI’m sitting here with my ever present cup of coffee, musing about the past week.  For a week that should have been totally awesome, and it was pretty marvelous, it also was book-ended with hurt.

The book end at the beginning of the week was coming home and finding in my mailbox the gift I had sent off to a former friend.  It was nothing expensive, just a small thing, sent as an olive branch of sorts.  It was returned to me and that did hurt.  I will leave it at that and just say that I will always pray for her despite her feelings toward me.

In between the book ends life was pretty good.  Sticking to my blocked calendar to do my classes and enjoying the learning process.

The book end at the finish of the week brought more hurt and plainly sucked.

Friday is my favorite day of the week.  Yes, it is the end of the work week but it is more because I love reaching the end of a week and knowing I accomplished much.  My work week is always wonderful, the team is great and most days it is stressful but fun.  I went in as always with my trusty sidekick, my Yorkie, and started my morning.  It was only me and the production manager.  After a bit our web designer and IT chick showed up.  We were getting new virus software and servers set up etc as the company is about to go to the next level.  I was really excited about this, the mission and vision were coming together and I was finally in a class to learn QuickBooks and was understanding it this time.  The production manager came in my office sat down, and told me as gently as he was able that my job was being eliminated.  Seems I made too much money and they couldn’t afford to keep me.  Because they have to bring on someone else to handle emergency services with their new franchise, they had to cut someone and that someone was me.

Needless to say I ran through a variety of emotions but ended on very hurt.  We always made decisions as a team at the table, our ‘style’ being like a motorcycle club (MC).  But lately decisions were being made without the input of all members and this was one of those.  I never was given a chance to offer to take a pay cut.  So, I joined the ranks of the unemployed on Friday morning.

It was time for Plan B.

I packed what I cared to take, left the rest behind and headed home.  Channeling my frustration and pain into house work I had things in order when mom got home at lunch.  That is when we sat down like we Divas here do and plotted and planned.  The first order of business was getting me a laptop since I had always used my one from work and they wouldn’t even allow me to borrow it over the weekend.  We hit the store and purchased a nice one, so I am thankful for that blessing.

Our next plan was that since I had been praying about it a lot, I would jump into my Avon business full time.  40 hours a week will now be devoted to sales and recruiting and building up a business that can support me.  I know personally plenty of reps doing just that but I had only played at it as a hobby.  But now, my ‘why’ is pretty substantial and so it will be a full time job.  We have a large roll of paper that we cut into a big planning board on the wall of the Avon office, we worked on brochures and threw our first Girls Night Out Friday night.  We are rolling forward with well thought out plans and not looking back.

That is the benefit of living with your female family members, your Divas.  When the cards are down, they plot, plan, wrap around you, fill your wine glass and help you figure things out.  This morning at church I realized that God is never wrong and this is a blessing.  Who knows what will happen to the company, but He removed me far from it all and I have to accept that there is something much better out here for me.  Something that truly honors Him with integrity and that my life will be blessed in more ways than I can imagine.  Every song on the radio on the way to church was about trusting, and His plan unfolding in bigger ways than we could know, so I am going to give it all to God and know that He has a better place for me.  I will be working for myself now, so I cannot be a layoff victim again.

On a positive note, my evenings will now be free, as I won’t have to try to divide my time after the office, between leisure and Avon.  That leaves more time to do my class for Nouthetic Counseling too, so I can speed up the process of getting my certification as a biblical counselor.

Last night I watched my grandchildren and I walked away with new knowledge through the eyes of a 20 month old.  He trusts beyond a shadow of a doubt that his daddy is there (mommy too).  He cries when he wakes from a nap and a parent is there, he is hungry, they feed him, he hurts and they comfort him. Any need he has they handle it and it is met.  Surely then God, my heavenly Father who has all the riches and power of the universe, will go far beyond what an earthly parent can do if I can just trust Him as my grandson trusts his parents, to protect me and supply all of my needs.

So beginning Tuesday I start working my Avon business full time, working like a boss!


You Can’t Make This Sh*t Up Thursday

YCMTUTUnless you have been living under a rock the past 48 hours, you are aware that Hello Kitty is not really a cat at all.  In fact she is a perpetual 3rd grade girl.  40 years ago, give or take a few, she made her first appearance in the world.  But she isn’t a cat, her creators claim that they never said she was a cat, and they also are not saying she is human either, just that she is a cartoon character.  A girl.  But not a cat.  EXCUSE ME????

She has pointy ears just like a cat.

Her eyes are not round, and while not totally shaped like a cats, they are closer to feline eyes than humans.

She has a tail.  Well sort of a tail, more of  long stump but it is shown, it’s a tail.

She has whiskers, just like a cat.

But she is not to be confused with a cat, because they say she is absolutely not a cat.  She has a pet cat though so that somehow makes it better?  They say she has never been depicted on all fours, but walks on two feet, upright.  Hello!? So does Garfield and he is cat and cartoon character!

I, the reformed cat hater (real ones that is), who is now the proud owner of a delightful black cat I’ve raised since she was rescued at just over 4 weeks old, have long loved Hello Kitty.  I own 18 pairs of Hello Kitty socks, 2 phone cases  that are Hello Kitty for my work and personal phones, my coffee mug is a Hello Kitty one, my key chain, my jammies, numerous trinkets and other Hello Kitty items and I’m sorry BUT HELLO KITTY IS A CAT!  If she is not a cat, then she is one truly freaky looking kid and someone needs to do something about some corrective surgery for her quickly.

I’ve been lied too for years, what is real anymore?  Who can we trust if we cannot trust that a character that looks dead on a cat figure is really not one at all?

Here is a small sample of the Hello Kitty obsession I have.  And yes, that this 51 year old woman is obsessed with Hello Kitty falls under the YCMTSU title too.